Abandoned: Now all of a sudden it should be Metal Gear instead of Silent Hill!

Abandoned: Now all of a sudden it should be Metal Gear instead of Silent Hill!


Since the announcement in April of this year, numerous fans have been wondering what exactly is behind the mysterious PS5 game called Abandoned. At first there was speculation about whether Hideo Kojima would be involved in the project. There were also rumors that it could be a new part of the horror series Silent Hill. But according to the latest reports, another well-known brand is hidden behind it - namely Metal Gear.

At least that is what the Russian gaming journalist Anton Logvinov claims. He recently spoke up on Twitter and said that Abandoned is supposed to be a new game in the Metal Gear series that Konami would be working on, among others. It could allegedly be Metal Gear Solid 6 or a completely redesigned remake of an already released game. However, Logvinov rules out an offshoot in the style of Metal Gear Rising or Metal Gear Survival.

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Source: Twitter

A Russian Insider Believes Abandoned is a Tease for Metal Gear Solid 6

So, is Abandoned the new Metal Gear Solid? Let’s find out.

Since its announcement, Abandoned has been a mystery to both Kojima and Metal Gear fans. The game’s announcement, and the way it was abandoned for months and then brought back, made it look very suspicious.

At its current state and based on what the developers say, Abandoned is the first project from Blue Box Games about survival in a haunting wilderness. There’s nothing more available on the project other than that.

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  • However, there are some clues that Abandoned is actually a front for a surprising project. Although a video from a Blue Box member was released a few months earlier to shut down the idea that Blue Box did not exist and there were no real indie developers behind the game, again, new suspicious clues raised around the game again recently.

    As promised by Blue Box, Abandoned received its trailer app on PS5 recently, dropping a new, big clue on what it could really be. The app features a blurry background that showcases a person with an eyepatch, much like the protagonist in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

    With this background image, people changed their minds from a new Silent Hill project to a Metal Gear Solid sequel.

    Abandoned – Announcement Teaser



    Abandoned – Announcement Teaser





    Who is Anton Logvinov and What’s His Opinion on Abandoned?

    Anton Logvinov, a Russian insider who correctly predicted the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone on PC before they were officially announced, has recently shared his opinion on Abandoned on Twitter.

    According to Logvinov – translated from Russian to English by Twitter – Abandoned is actually a front for a new Metal Gear Solid project, which could either be Metal Gear Solid 6 or a Metal Gear Solid remake. He believes that Kojima is not involved in this, but Konami tries to imitate Kojima’s campaign plans.

    Abandoned looks like MGS6. Well, that is, Konami is working on it, I have known this for a long time, and apparently someone decided to imitate Kojima’s marketing.

    Anton Logvinov (translated by Twitter)

    Now, all we can do is wait and see how this mystery ends. Is Abandoned a front for Metal Gear Solid, or is it a real indie game that only tries to get the attention of the internet with its suspicious campaign method?

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