Donuts dedicated to 20 years of Xbox are on the way

Donuts dedicated to 20 years of Xbox are on the way

American donut company Krispy Kreme created a special donut in collaboration with Microsoft to celebrate 20 years of the console

(Photo: Krispy Kreme UK) We are not at the epic level of the gamer who completed Dark Souls 3 using a pizza as a controller, but the donut-console combination also has its charm. In fact, to celebrate 20 years of Xbox, the American donut chain Krispy Kreme has created a donut inspired by the console launched in November 2001 by Microsoft.

Limited edition, with the green X drawn on the white icing, donuts (yes, we're talking exactly about Homer Simpson's beloved sweets) will go on sale August 2-22 in the UK and Ireland. The cost will be £ 2.10 for the single donut (without a hole in this case) and £ 14.45 for the twelve box. In euros they are respectively about 2.50 and 17 euros.

Welcome to the next generation

Introducing… The Nexus Level Donut

Coming Soon 👀 https: // t. co / UVteHkCnjT @xboxuk #KrispyKremeXbox

- Krispy Kreme UK (@krispykremeUK) July 28, 2021

Operation The Nexus Level Donut, as the sweets are called, was born in collaboration with Microsoft. In addition to the limited edition recipe, in fact, there are also prizes up for grabs: by buying the box of 12 you can participate in the draw for an Xbox Series S console (there are 120 available) and get a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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