Fallout 76: Date and first information about the next update

Fallout 76: Date and first information about the next update

Fallout 76

After a very extensive update for the online game Fallout 76 with "Rule of Steel" was released towards the beginning of this month, Bethesda is first shifting down a gear. However, this does not mean that the developers are idly resting their hands on their laps. Another update should appear shortly, but it will be much smaller.

According to current plans, this patch should appear on August 3, 2021 - next Tuesday. The focus is on solving some remaining problems in Fallout 76 (buy now € 59.99 / € 35.99), which were mainly reported from the ranks of the community. In addition, some new additions to cosmetic items are planned in the Atomic Shop, but no more specific details are known so far. Bethesda also had something to say about the general update policy:

"Of course our major updates and the new features they bring are highlights for the game, but we are also careful to fix the bugs by patching them We appreciate all the feedback and bug reports that you have provided us with, so please keep going! As always, we will send you the update one day before maintenance begins. Remember me, and of course patch notes will be available on Fallout.com during maintenance. "

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This shows that the patch notes for the next update are not yet known, but will only be available on August 3rd will stand. How long the maintenance work will take is also not certain.

Source: Bethesda

Fallout 76 Is Getting Another Update Soon

Fallout 76’s next big update is still the one planned for September that’ll introduce private worlds to the game via the new “Fallout Worlds” feature, but players won’t have to wait that long to get a different update coming much sooner. Bethesda announced on Thursday it plans to release a smaller update for Fallout 76 that’s releasing in under a week on August 3rd.

As Bethesda mentioned in its post about the new Fallout 76 update, it is indeed a smaller one, so don’t expect anything like the Steel Reign update released previously. This one will be mostly geared towards fixes for the game, but it’ll also add some new Atomic Shop content for players to use when customizing their characters and C.A.M.P. settlements.

“Prior to Fallout Worlds in September, we are currently planning to release another update for Fallout 76 on Tuesday, August 3,” Bethesda said. “This update will be smaller in scope than those that include new features or content, like Steel Reign or Fallout Worlds. However, we’re going to implement fixes for a wide variety of issues, many of which were reported to us by players like you in the Fallout 76 community. Additionally, it will bring some new cosmetics to the Atomic Shop.”

Players might’ve been hoping for a bigger update to come between Steel Reign and the Fallout Worlds release, but Bethesda said those smaller patches are important, too, when it comes to cleaning up different parts of the game and addressing the feedback shared by players.

“While our larger updates and the new features they often contain are exciting moments for game, we’re just as eager to bring you patches that primarily focus on swatting the bugs you’ve helped bring to our attention,” Bethesda said. “We appreciate all of the feedback and bug reports you send our way, so please keep it coming! As always, we’ll be sure to share a reminder with you the day before maintenance begins, and patch notes for the August 3 update will be available on Fallout.com during downtime.”

Fallout 76’s next update releases for all platforms on August 3rd.