Emma Stone and Emily Blunt could join the lawsuit against Disney

Emma Stone and Emily Blunt could join the lawsuit against Disney

Emma Stone may join Scarlett Johansson in suing Disney over Cruella's release strategy, according to former THR editor Matt Belloni's What I'm Hearing ... newsletter. The newsletter reports the following:

"Cruella star Emma Stone is rumored to be weighing her options to sue Disney."

Belloni also named Emily Blunt as another major star who may complain that Jungle Cruise is being offered in theaters and Disney + Premier Access simultaneously, as was the case with Black Widow and Cruella.

Also as reported by Belloni, the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige would be very angry and upset about the lawsuit against Black Widow:

“[Feige] is a businessman and is not inclined to corporate clashes or internal clashes. But I heard that he is angry and ashamed ”.

In fact, Scarlett Johansson recently rocked the entertainment industry when she decided to sue Disney for making a double release (in theaters and Disney + Premier Access) of Black Widow. Her motivations are linked to the fact that the actress was guaranteed an exclusive theatrical release, with her salary based on her performance at the Black Widow box office. However, since the film was also made available for purchase on Disney +, this has significantly diminished his earnings.

Disney responded to Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit, calling it unfounded and accusing the actress of filing a "particularly sad and distressing lawsuit for her callous disregard for the horrifying and protracted global effects of the COVID pandemic- 19 ". The company also defended itself by stating that it has not violated its contract with Johansson since "the release of Black Widow on Disney + with Premier Access has greatly improved the possibility of earning an additional compensation in excess of the $ 20 million it received until to date. ”

It remains to be seen whether Emma Stone and Emily Blunt will also join the protest. In any case on Disney + you can see this and many other contents. You can use this link to subscribe to the Disney + streaming service with either a monthly or annual discounted subscription.