Halo Infinite: plot spoiler in the technical beta inserted by mistake by the team, beware

Halo Infinite: plot spoiler in the technical beta inserted by mistake by the team, beware

Halo Infinite

As you know, the technical beta of Halo Infinite, the new shooter from 343 Industries, is currently underway. This test phase focuses on multiplayer, but it seems that there are also parts of the narrative campaign within the game files. The real problem is that these files also contain spoilers!

The information comes from Joseph Staten, developer working on Halo Infinite. Staten states, precisely: "Hey folks, beware: we have unintentionally included a limited number of Halo Infinite companion files in the technical preview version. Unfortunately, these files contain spoilers."

Then, in a second tweet, he goes on to say: "Leaks like this are very painful for a development team and can ruin the campaign experience for everyone. So please beware of spoilers and don't share them if you see them. " Staten concludes the message with an emoji of a heart.

We at geekinco therefore suggest you to pay maximum attention to the Halo Infinite spoilers. Hopefully, dataminers don't go looking for details in game files and don't share spoilers that the public should not currently have access to.

In the meantime, we can get distracted by watching a bot making teabags during Halo Infinite's technical beta.

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Developer Warns Against ‘Halo Infinite’ Campaign Spoilers

Halo Infinite

credit: Microsoft

Don’t worry, I won’t post any Halo Infinite spoilers here. But there are some out there, because apparently some campaign-related files wound up in the current technical test, and dataminers were able to grab them—as a rule, dataminers grab everything. 343’s Halo Infinite head of creative issued the warning on Twitter, saying that these sorts of things are ‘painful’ for the dev team:

So if you’re sensitive to this sort of thing, you know what to do: block some terms on social media, stay away from the forums where this sort of thing is likely to be shared, so on and so forth. Mostly, it’s important to know that it’s out there if you want to go ahead and shield yourself from it.

It’s particularly important this time around because we know very little about the broader strokes of the campaign: we’ve seen Master Chief picked up by this bearded pilot dude, we know that The Banished are going to be the chief antagonists, and we know some other little details, but there are, obviously, some pretty major holes to be filled in. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the leaks answer at least some of these questions, but I haven’t looked at them and don’t plan on seeking them out.

Major story leaks are endemic to the industry, and this is far from the first one we’ve seen: a major The Last of Us Part 2 leak had the internet roiling for a few weeks last summer, for example. Games are big, unwieldy things made by huge numbers of people. Things happen.

Halo Infinite is still on track to release this holiday season after a major high-profile delay following a widely-memed reveal. The technical test is our first chance to actually get our hands on the thing, and so far reactions seem to be positive, overall.