Halo Infinite has the most toxic bots ever!

Halo Infinite has the most toxic bots ever!

In the course of the Halo Infinite technical beta, curious behavior on the part of bots was noted. As in any shooter, in fact, even the last chapter of the Bungie saga (and now in the hands of 343 Industries) it is possible to play online games with enemies controlled by artificial intelligence. In this particular case, however, a sort of contemptuous attitude was found on the part of one of the bots engaged in a multiplayer game.

As you can see from the video present just below, during a game of Halo Infinite one user noticed that a bot has teabaged an enemy. If you don't know what we are talking about, well, the teabag is the gesture of lowering and getting up quickly above the body of an enemy. A toxic and not very ironic way to make fun of the opponent. Okay, it could also be a small error or a bug but the timing of the action is definitely suspect.

Now, that 343 Industries has inserted this gesture in an ironic way is quite obvious, except in fact. this is a Halo Infinite code error. The scene, in reality, also tears a smile: we are not talking about a human player who taunts with toxic behavior, but about an element controlled by AI. In short, it's all very funny, as evidenced by the video relaunched on Twitter by a user who wonders if the gesture was really teabag.

Did the bot just…? pic.twitter.com/PYkaANHD3l

- whisper (formerly snipe.) (@reqsihw) July 31, 2021

Halo Infinite will arrive in the course of 2021 on Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X but also Xbox One, Xbox One X and of course PC but it still lacks a definitive date, which could still arrive in the next few months . But be careful: in the last few hours some spoilers related to the campaign have been shooting. As always, beware: the risk of ruining the experience by reading a few too many lines is seriously around the corner.

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