Xbox Series X: New design for the game cases - dealer shows the update

Xbox Series X: New design for the game cases - dealer shows the update

Xbox Series X

Microsoft is apparently preparing a design update for the game packaging for Xbox Series X. As can be seen from the current product entries of the US retailer Best Buy, the game cases for upcoming Xbox games are getting a little visual makeover. A few hours after the E3 announcement, Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 appeared in the retailer's online hop - along with the updated packaging graphics. From now on, the cover motif extends over almost the entire packaging. The Xbox logo previously attached to the top moves to the left - and is integrated directly into the motif.

The Twitter channel "XboxNews" has made a before-and-after comparison - you can see the post below this Report. The new cover motifs have also appeared in our gallery. With the changes, Microsoft seems to be addressing the criticism of the previous packaging. For example, fans had criticized a too crammed design, with a number of references to 4K, Smart Delivery, Xbox Series X optimizations and other logos.

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Xbox Series X Restock Update for GameStop, Antonline, Walmart, Sam's Club, Best Buy and More

Xbox Series X restocks are anticipated at certain retailers this week.

Unlike the incredibly elusive PS5, there are a handful of next-gen Xbox units available to purchase. That being said, the consoles are still very limited and often quite pricey as a result.

After Sunday's E3 showcase confirmed that games like Starfield and Redfall will be Microsoft exclusives and that the Game Pass service is getting several high-profile releases upon launch, many are expecting demand for Xbox hardware to go up.

To help you stand a chance of getting your hands on either an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S, here is the latest restock information.

GameStop Xbox Series X Restock

All next-gen Xbox consoles are out of stock at GameStop. Analysts predict that this could change at any point during the week, following reports the company has just replenished its nationwide inventories. The general consensus among trackers is that these new units will probably be added to the online store tomorrow (June 16).

In addition to this, there are also rumors of special events taking place next Tuesday and Wednesday at GameStop outlets, which will allegedly see both Nintendo and Xbox consoles added to their store shelves.

Check Xbox Series X restock at GameStop.Walmart Xbox Series X Restock

You can actually buy an Xbox Series X from Walmart at the time of writing, but it is going for an inflated cost of $928—and that is not even a bundle. Given that new stocks are expected at GameStop sometime this week, it might be worth waiting until you can get a better deal.

Elsewhere, the Xbox Series S console is in stock for $424.00.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Walmart.Amazon Xbox Series X Restock

You are currently unable to add an Xbox Series X to your Amazon basket in the U.S, but you can place an order for the less-expensive Xbox Series S.

While the latter is technically not in stock right now, a message on its product page indicates that the inventory will be updated shortly, and that you purchase it in advance.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Amazon.Sam's Club Xbox Series X Restock

Sam's Club had the Xbox Series X available yesterday, bundled in with a PDP ultra-slim charger and a RIG 400 Headset. This package has now sold out, although there are still a variety of Xbox Series S bundles up for grabs.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Sam's Club.Antonline Xbox Series X Restock

Antonline did add a new Xbox Series X bundle to their store page yesterday. Packaging the 1TB SDD console with two wireless controllers, an Xbox One copy of Forza Horizon 4, a digital code for Immortals Fenyx Rising and a 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, the item was going for $844.99.

This bundle has since sold out and there are no other Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S supplies at Antonline. The retailer has yet to indicate when its inventory will be refreshed, but it is worth following dedicated tracker accounts like @Wario64 on Twitter, as they usually get the news out first.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Antonline.Costco Xbox Series X Restock

Neither the Xbox Series X nor its less powerful counterpart, the Xbox Series S, are available from Costco. There is no word on when this is expected to change but following dedicated tracker accounts like @Wario64 and @GYXdeals will give you a head start.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Costco.Best Buy Xbox Series X Restock

Restocks are expected for Best Buy at some point in the week but, at the time of writing, neither the Xbox Series X nor the Xbox Series S are available to purchase from the retailer. For an immediate alert when the stocks are replenished, follow the likes of @Wario64 and @GYXdeals on Twitter.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Best Buy.Target Xbox Series X Restock

Both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are out of stock at Target. For quick updates on the situation, we recommend following @Wario64 and @GYXdeals on Twitter.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Target.Newegg Xbox Series X Restock

Newegg will sometimes offer Xbox consoles bundled together with various accessories and games. These are featured in what the retailer calls a 'Newegg Shuffle', which is basically a lottery system that draws customers at random to make a purchase.

At the time of writing, Newegg does not have any such bundles available.

Check Xbox Series X restock at Newegg.

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The Xbox Series X (in black) and Xbox Series S (in white) appear on display at a gaming store in Tokyo, ahead of both consoles' launch in November 2020. CHARLY TRIBALLEAU/Getty Images