Watch Dogs Legion: Zombie DLC is coming

Watch Dogs Legion: Zombie DLC is coming

Watch Dogs Legion

Zombies are very popular. In Call of Duty, the undead have been shuffling around for years and now they are invading Watch Dogs Legion.

Zombies shuffling through London

In the new mode, you will experience "Legion of the Dead" a kind of roguelike gaming experience. One to four players find themselves in a zombie-infested London. It is important to survive and to get the necessary supplies. Then you should make your way to a pick-up point, via which you can get out of the city. Shootings take center stage. Hacking will be less common. It will also be possible to sneak around zombies or lure them away to save the scant ammo. Because the undead in the new mode are deadly but also slow.

How the game works, you can watch a 22-minute video on IGN. The developers also explain that "Legion of the Dead" is still an alpha mode. Ubisoft is hoping for a lot of feedback from the players in order to be able to make improvements, changes and optimizations.

The new mode will be available for download from today, June 1st. It is part of Update 4.5. As soon as it's available, you can plunge into zombie overrun London and try to make your way to the extraction point. Ubisoft explains that zombies were chosen because they are so fun to incorporate into a game. Players can also use them to wreak havoc, for example.

What do you think of a zombie mode in Watch Dogs Legion (buy now € 19.99)? Do you think that's good or didn't you really need it?

Source: IGN

Watch Dogs: Legion 4.5 Update Includes Legion Of The Dead Zombies Mode

The 4.5 update for Watch Dogs: Legion introduces a new kind of enemy for testing on PC before rolling out to the wider community. Title update 4.5 adds 'Legion of the Dead,' a PvE rogue-lite mode where your plucky band of London citizens attempt to survive against throngs of hostile undead.

The Legion of the Dead mode is only available on PC in Alpha phase right now, but there players can try their survival skills solo or in co-op. You'll have to plan and strategize how to reach an extraction point while gathering supplies. But this being Watch Dogs Legion, you'll have the entire citizenry's equipment and specializations to help you survive.

Aside from the new mode, all platforms will get a few other additions. A second Tactical Op will let you strategize with your friends on how to infiltrate a secret project related to Optik devices. You'll also get a new 60 FPS Performance Mode option on the new-gen consoles, cross-gen play, a free download of breakout star Helen on June 15, and another free rewards track.


Watch Dogs: Legion's first tactical op dropped in March with the 3.25 update. More recently, an update in May added new characters and refreshed the season pass. The hook of Watch Dogs: Legion is that you can play as just about anyone you see wandering around the world, which gives way to tons of options when it comes to dealing with its scenarios.

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