Volkswagen tried to buy Alfa Romeo in 2018: a new report confirms this

Volkswagen tried to buy Alfa Romeo in 2018: a new report confirms this

Volkswagen tried to buy Alfa Romeo in 2018

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Alfa Romeo is now an integral part of the Stellantis group which, as recently reported, will work to relaunch the prestigious Italian brand by designing high-end premium range vehicles. We recently reported some information regarding a hypothetical GTV in an electric key that could arrive on the market following the launch of Tonale, Brennero and the renewed versions of Stelvio and Giulia.

Who knows how things would have turned out, instead, if the Volkswagen group had acquired the 2018 Biscione brand as recently unveiled by an Autocar report. The English editorial, in fact, yesterday published a news regarding a failed acquisition by Volkswagen.

In fact, already in 2011 Ferdinand Piëch, then CEO of the Wolfsburg giant, made a first attempt, expressing his admiration for the Italian brand and ensuring a strong rebirth. Piëch had even hypothesized a synergistic development with Porsche and lead to the production of Alfa Romeo driven by German engines; can you imagine an AR Giulia Quadrifoglio powered by the 4.8-liter Panamera Turbo? However, a sharp refusal from FCA arrived but in 2018 there was another attempt.

Despite the change of CEO, the group attempted to reconnect with FCA and try to take over Alfa Romeo. The initiative, led by Herbert Diess, received a further sharp no from Mike Manley. The operation was equally attempted because according to the investment company ADW Capital Management, a shareholder of FCA, it had suggested that the brand could be spun off as a success with Ferrari.

At the moment it is not clear whether Volkswagen is still interested in Alfa Romeo, in any case it will have to wait several years as Stellantis has given each brand 10 years to relaunch. Before the deadline, no brand will be allowed to leave the group.

The VW Group Tried To Buy Alfa Romeo In 2018

Had things gone a little different, Alfa Romeo could have been under the ownership of the Volkswagen Group.

While Alfa Romeo is now a happy member of Stellantis following the merger between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group, Volkswagen actually approached FCA about purchasing the Alfa Romeo brand in 2018.

A report from Autocar claims that former VW boss Ferdinand Piëch had a long interest in Alfa Romeo. In fact, he said that it could flourish under VW ownership back in 2011 and while he was no longer leading VW in 2018, the publication claims that he still wanted to see it become part of the VW family, especially after long-time FCA shareholder ADW Capital Management suggested Alfa Romeo could be spun off in a similar manner to Ferrari.

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Sources claim that VW boss Herbert Diess met with incoming FCA boss Mike Manley in June 2018 to discuss a possible purchase of Alfa Romeo. A source states that Diess “considered it his duty to follow through on Piëch’s request.”

Diess ultimately asked Manley if the Alfa Romeo brand was for sale but Manley simply stated that it wasn’t. As such, no deal was done.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to think about what could have happened were Alfa Romeo brought within the VW Group. Given that VW was in the midst of an EV push in mid-2018, it’s possible the brand would have looked to electrify the Alfa Romeo brand. It also would have injected some ‘German-ness’ into the brand and while that may have benefited Alfa Romeo models, it could have diluted some of their beloved Italian appeal.