The 10 most moving souls according to the Japanese

The 10 most moving souls according to the Japanese

What are the most moving anime according to the Japanese? The Simeji smartphone keyboard application, which recently interviewed Japanese young people aged 10 to 19, answered the question. The survey took place between May 28 and June 9 and received 999 responses.

So, which are the most tearful souls ever? Here is the answer.

The most moving anime ever

Starting with the last place we have Bugie d'Aprile, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Violet Evergarden, Re: Zero - Starting Life in Another Worl de Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.

So far nothing to surprise us. All of these souls are downright sad and have left a trail of broken hearts behind them all over the world. The surprising thing though is the anime that occupies the fifth position, namely Crayon Shin-chan.

The series follows the (mis) adventures of a precocious five year old boy with his family and friends and includes a healthy dose of humor. There are apparently enough touching moments, however, that made younger viewers cry. The anime aired in 1992 and now has more than 1,000 episodes, making Shin-Chan a household name in Japan.

At the fourth post we have My Hero Academia whose popularity has grown exponentially since its first mass. aired in 2016. It's a solid shounen action story that incorporates themes of friendship, perseverance and “what makes a hero”. My Hero Academia offers a lot of moments of inspiration given to us by the protagonist Izuku Midorya, named Hero: Deku, who teaches never to give up even when everything seems to be lost.

The third position is occupied by Your Name ( catch the novel on Amazon!), Makoto Shinkai's acclaimed 2016 film that inspired an upcoming Hollywood remake.

Poll respondents responded with comments like "the pictures, the story and the music were all wonderful" and "I cried when Mitsuha and Taki got lost". This film is likely to continue to make many audiences cry for years to come.

A Silent Voice takes second place on the charts. Also released in 2016 is perhaps one of the most moving films of that year. It deals with sensitive topics such as deafness, bullying and even suicide.

A survey participant after seeing the film commented: “I wanted to treat people more kindly after seeing it”. Others have written that they were inspired to learn sign language.

Finally, the first place could only be occupied by Demon Slayer. Ever since the anime series aired in 2019, viewers around the world have tuned in to see Tanjiro do whatever it takes to protect his sister-turned-demon, protect loved ones, and avenge his family. The survey respondents were absolutely touched by the "beautiful bond between the brothers". After the unprecedented success of its cinematic sequel Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, the eyes of all fans are on the upcoming second season that will surely continue to deliver incredible emotions.

And for you which anime are the most sad and moving ever? Write it in the comments!