Tesla, Superchargers open to all from 2022

Tesla, Superchargers open to all from 2022


Starting next year, Tesla will open its Superchargers to all users: this is what the US company has confirmed to the Norwegian authorities. The Supercharger network was born with the aim of giving owners of Tesla vehicles the freedom to travel without problems and, thanks to the Tesla app, to monitor the charging progress and receive notifications when the car is fully charged.
Let's not forget, however, that currently the Supercharger network only serves the cars produced by Elon Musk's company despite the now rather large number of columns. The charging network of the Palo Alto House is currently among the largest in the world if we think that it has around 25,000 columns globally, divided into 2,700 different stations.

According to what has been released in the past few hours, in Norway from September 2022 anyone with an electric car will be able to recharge their cars using Tesla infrastructures: fast charging points, located in strategic areas and with a constant dialogue between vehicle and infrastructures, which therefore allow to improve efficiency and decrease times waiting for users. Inevitably, the opening of recharging points to users of different car manufacturers can only bring benefits to the entire electric car sector.

Not surprisingly, in the North-Western European State, the company by Elon Musk has received some grants for the implementation of Superchargers, but it is not excluded that the company may extend the openings to other countries as well. In fact, there is talk of a similar initiative in Germany, where the Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer, would have asked the top management of Elon Musk's company to make the Superchargers accessible to other electric cars as well, regardless of the brand.

A clear goal that aims to encourage the spread of zero-emission cars, allowing all motorists to connect to innovative charging points: Tesla continues to work around the world for the construction of new sites and to activate other routes and expand the most established stations.