Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: the nightmare Note 7 is back?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: the nightmare Note 7 is back?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The next Galaxy S21 FE, the successor to last year's acclaimed Galaxy S20 FE, was due to be launched in the course of the summer but a new report from ETNews reports that Samsung has decided to stop its production.

The reason should be sought after in the power supply circuit, with components that do not manage battery power as they should. This, according to the source, would not meet the quality standards that Samsung requires for each product.

IceUniverse, a well-known leaker very close to the Samsung world, writes on Twitter that, according to his information, tests on the Galaxy S21 FE would have highlighted problems with a part of the power supply of the battery circuit.

In a subsequent post, in response to a user question, he adds that it is precisely the technology behind the Galaxy S21 FE which be in compliance and that the problem should be identified as a difficulty in managing the correct power supply that involves the largest component, that is the battery.

Obviously when we talk about Samsung and batteries, the relative question comes to mind to Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately it arrived in the hands of consumers with a problem that also led to the explosion of the smartphone interior

After understanding the seriousness of the situation, Galaxy Note 7 was immediately withdrawn from the market, arriving some time later in a revised version and correct called Galaxy Note 7 FE. However, all this caused many problems for customers with the product purchased in the first weeks of availability already in their pockets.

Fortunately this time Samsung would have identified the problem on Galaxy S21 FE in the laboratory, in order to have the time to carry out other tests before launching it on the market. Galaxy S21 FE has not been canceled but only postponed to give Samsung time not to run into the mistakes of the past and provide customers with a secure smartphone.

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Report: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE's future in question after production halted


  • Samsung has reportedly suspended production of the Galaxy S21 FE.
  • It’s believed that the suspension is due to a shortage of smartphone chipsets.
  • The report doesn’t bode well for the phone launching in its Q3 window, if at all.
  • We’ve been eagerly anticipating the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE for months now, with a mooted launch window of Q3 this year. Now, a new report out of Korea suggests that the affordable flagship might be seriously jeopardized by the global chip shortage.

    ETNews reports (h/t: FrontTron) that Samsung has suspended production of the Galaxy S21 FE due to a lack of processors, citing industry sources. Samsung’s supply partners were apparently informed on Friday (June 11) that the manufacturer was suspending the production of S21 FE parts and cancelling orders for various materials. The partners reportedly believe that this decision therefore means a “withdrawal” of the Galaxy S21 FE launch. 

    Samsung was previously tipped to use the Snapdragon 888 chipset for the new smartphone, but it seems like there aren’t enough chips to go around.

    “I know that Samsung has allocated Qualcomm APs [application processors – ed] to foldable phones and suspended the FE model because there is not enough semiconductors,” an industry source told ETNews. “After getting approval for mass production, each company started production, but there was an unprecedented issue of stopping.”

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    It’s theoretically possible that production will resume, but halting production of a major smartphone is no trivial matter and will likely result in a lengthy delay. That’s of course assuming that Samsung is able to address the chip shortage that’s apparently the reason for the stoppage in the first place. But Qualcomm previously said that the chip shortage could last until late 2021, while Intel says the shortfall could last for “a couple of years.”

    The report nevertheless means you might not want to hold your breath for a Galaxy S21 FE launching in Q3 2021, if at all. We’ve asked Samsung for comment regarding the Galaxy S21 FE’s supposed production suspension and will update the article if/when they get back to us.