Raspberry Pi, the RP2040 SoC can now be purchased individually at a very low price

Raspberry Pi, the RP2040 SoC can now be purchased individually at a very low price

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Until now, the Raspberry Pi RP2040 SoC was only available in large quantities from official partners and some lucky manufacturers who pitched their ideas directly to Eben Upton. Via the official blog, the company announced that, starting today, the chip, three months in advance, is available for purchase at the exceptional price of $ 1 per piece.

In a recent email exchange , CEO and co-founder of Raspberry Pi Trading, Eben Upton, confirmed to colleagues in the American division of geekinco that today, June 1st, the RP2040 SoC, based on the dual core ARM Cortex M0 +, is freely available to all. who want to use it for their projects. Upton explained that the demand for the RP2040 is quite high:

Since launch, many people have contacted us to request the RP2040 SoC via our "secret Twitter sample program (sic)" . Some of these were from companies that actually found themselves unable to make products this year due to the global shortage of semiconductors.

Upton later stated that, based on these requests, the Raspberry Pi built about 40,000 units for generalized sale. Upton said:

This will give people time to develop their own designs and products, while we will catch up on backlog Raspberry Pi Pico orders and ramp up RP2040 production. In the autumn we will have a large enough volume available to meet any demand.

There is no shortage of manufacturers eager to incorporate RP2040 into their designs, such as Seeed's Wio RP2040, which is the cheapest way to connect your RP2040 online, and Guido Burger's RP2040 CO2 sensing ring, useful for measuring environmental pollution. Although the price of the RP2040 SoC is just $ 1, remember that the chip has no built-in memory, so you must also consider the cost of an external QSPI flash memory.

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Pick up a Raspberry Pi RP2040 chip for a dollar

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The Raspberry Pi Pico has been available since early this year, but starting today you can pick up the RP2040 chip that powers the board. And the good news for hobbyists and small-scale projects is that you can not only buy them on reels of 500 and 3,400, but you can also buy them as a single unit.

And it gets better -- they only cost a dollar apiece.

The Raspberry Pi RP2040 is the first microcontroller designed in-house at Raspberry Pi and it features dual Cortex M0+ cores, 264KB of on-chip RAM, and support for up to 16MB of off-chip flash memory via a QSPI bus.

The RP2040 will be offered singly, and on reels of 500 and 3,400 for $500 and $3,400, respectively.

Around 600,000 chips have currently been shipped to the usual raspberry Pi vendors, with lots more to follow, so it might take a while for the chips to trickle down to vendors and then into the hands of the hobbyists.

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