Revolut adds support for 11 new cryptocurrencies

Revolut adds support for 11 new cryptocurrencies

Revolut, the famous financial app with 15 million customers worldwide, is increasing the list of crypto tokens available to buy and sell within the app from 10 to 21. Revolut, to demonstrate that it is ever closer to the requests of its users, has decided to add a selection of new crypto tokens based on specific market analyzes and requests received from the customers themselves.

This is a important expansion regarding all those customers who are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies. However, the company encourages its clients to analyze independent sources and learn the differences between the various tokens, as well as consider their personal circumstances, remembering that, as with trading, capital is at risk.

The service reminds its customers that crypto tokens are volatile assets and prices can change quickly. Here is the list of new supported cryptocurrencies:

Cardano Uniswap Synthetix Yearn Finance Uma, Bancor Filecoin Numeraire Loopring Orchid The Graph “We are proud to extend the list of cryptocurrencies available in our app with 11 more. we have taken into consideration the suggestions coming directly from our customers. It is clear that 2021 will be the year of cryptocurrencies! " - says Edward Cooper, Revolut Head of Crypto.

Revolut is a solution to have a current account at no cost, which integrates into the prepaid card tool a series of free options that make it perfect for everyday life, but above all for traveling.

How? Thanks to a commission-free use, the best exchange rate applied, a sensitive opening to cryptocurrencies, an innovative real-time stock trading function and, finally, a special option dedicated to money management for the very young.

To learn more about how Revolut manages to be one of the safest payment systems, we invite you to read our dedicated special.