Raspberry Pi 400 will soon have better support in Linux

Raspberry Pi 400 will soon have better support in Linux

Raspberry Pi 400 owners will be pleased to know that the device will be officially supported by version 5.14 of the main Linux kernel, as reported by colleagues from Phoronix.

Recall that Raspberry Pi 400 is nothing more than a variant of the 4GB Raspberry Pi 4 positioned inside a keyboard, in a very similar way to the home computers that were so fashionable in the 80s (Commodore 64, Amiga etc.). The Raspberry Pi 400 retails as a single unit priced at $ 70 or as a complete kit for $ 100 with a mouse, power supply, cables, micro SD card, and a copy of the Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide.

While this is actually basically a Raspberry Pi 4, there are some differences between the two SBCs: the CPU of the Raspberry Pi 400 is clocked at 1.8 GHz, 300 MHz more than the Raspberry Pi 4. The speed increase it is largely due to a better dissipation system. The Raspberry Pi 400 also features a different Wi-Fi chip and a soft power button, but lacks the activity LED.

Raspberry Pi 4 received core kernel support in 2020 with version 5.7 . For the 5.14 kernel, no driver changes were required for the Raspberry Pi 400, only an addition was made to the DeviceTree to support the modified CPU speed, Wi-Fi chip and ACT LED. This means that, should a developer decide to take advantage of it, Raspberry Pi 400 support will be available on any Linux distribution based on the main kernel. The current version of the Raspberry Pi OS uses the Long Term Support version of the 5.10 kernel, which has improved support for the Pi 400 by updating in March of this year. Before that, version 5.4 LTS was used.

The 5.14 kernel has yet to appear on kernel.org, where the latest stable version listed is 5.12.10, while the release candidate stops at 5.13.

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