Quantic Dream: Detroid developers working on an innovative game

Quantic Dream: Detroid developers working on an innovative game

Quantic Dream

It's been 3 years since the release of Detroid Become Human, the last major production of Quantic Dream released exclusively on PlayStation 4. Now, the French team has detached itself from Sony to tackle their next projects in a more independent way by self-publishing. Precisely with regard to the future of the team, in these hours some very first details are emerging on the new game in development, which seems to be something completely different compared to past works.

Through a recent post that emerged on ResetEra, we come to knowledge that Quantic Dreams is hiring new developers ready to fill various roles for a project not yet announced. Given the descriptions on the positions sought by the French team, it appears that the studio is creating a competitive multiplayer game with the presence of in-game microtransactions; an absolute novelty compared to everything the team had proposed before now.

Specifically, the job request for a senior game designer requires experience in developing a competitive or strategy game. Furthermore, Quantic Dream itself describes its new game as an "innovative project". There is also the mention of a professional figure who will be in charge of developing a series of virtual objects that will be based on an economic system inserted within the game, which will have game as service influences.

C 'there is still a lot to discover about the new Quantic Dream project, but the first news we get seems to distance the team from everything it has accustomed us to previously. We do not know what state of development the title is, and for this we will need to be patient a little longer before seeing how the French team intends to begin this new era.

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Quantic Dream Job Listing Points To Multiplayer And Microtransactions For Its Next Game

Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream is looking to implement competitive multiplayer and microtransactions into its next project, according to a new job listing posted by the David Cage-fronted studio.

The company is looking for a Senior Game Designer — Competitive and Senior Game Economy Designer, both of which are based in Quantic Dream’s Paris headquarters.

A description for the former reads:

As part of its development program, and for its ambitious upcoming productions, QUANTIC DREAM is expanding its Game Design team to strengthen the current team and participate in improving and developing Game Design.

Meanwhile, the Economy Designer description is as follows:

As a Senior Game Economy Designer, you will be responsible for all aspects of the game’s economic model. You will design the virtual products offered by the game, and establish metrics that allow you to measure consumer response to these virtual products during user tests and after release.

Quantic Dream hasn’t shipped a game since 2018’s Detroit for the PS4, although the game was ported to the PC alongside pervious titles Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain in 2019. Its next project has yet to be officially announced.

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