PS3: 14 years after the launch there is a new system update

PS3: 14 years after the launch there is a new system update


In Europe, the PS3 came onto the market in March 2007, so that it is now a little over 14 years old. However, this does not prevent Sony from giving the console further system updates. Version 4.88 is now available for download, which you can download the next time you start the system.

However, Sony is in favor of the features and changes to this system update for the PlayStation 3 (buy now € 379.95) not particularly informative. In the official patch notes you can only read:

"Improves System Performance"

According to this, the update improves the general performance of the system without any further details being known. Sony may have optimized some of the internal processes, which ultimately resulted in a slight increase in the speed of the system. However, 14 years after the console's launch, you shouldn't expect too big leaps in performance.

This lack of real innovations is not unusual, by the way. The last system update for the PS3, which brought more than just optimizations and an improvement in performance, was version 4.50 and was available for download from October 2013. It was eight years ago that the third generation of PlayStation was updated.

Incidentally, despite its age, the PlayStation 3 hit the headlines again recently. In March, Sony first announced that it would deactivate the storefronts for the PS3, PSP and PS Vita. However, this caused a lot of headwind from the fans, so that Sony had to row back in the end.

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PS3 System Update 4.88 Just Got A Surprise Release – See What’s Been Fixed

Surprise! Sony has just rolled out PS3 system update 4.88, marking the console’s 60th patch some 14 years after the machine first launched way back in November 2006.

PS3 Update 4.88 is only about 200MB, and in typical fashion, “improves system performance.” Well, it wouldn’t exactly add any new features after all this time, would it? Still, if you’re using your PS3 these days, at least it should run smoother than ever. There’s life in the old dog yet!

Sony stirred up a lot of controversy earlier this year when it announced plans to shutter the PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores in July 2021, but after the Internet yelled at them, the format holder quickly did a U-turn and confirmed the PS3 an PS Vita stores would remain open. PSP’s digital storefront is still shutting up shop, however.

Many PS3 games have been given the remasters treatment for PS4 in the last few years, which are in turn playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility. However, since PS3 discs themselves can’t be played on PS4 and PS5, the console is still popular among gamers who prefer tucking into legacy content.

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