Twitch in favor of the Hot Tub introduces a new category

Twitch in favor of the Hot Tub introduces a new category

There is really a lot of talk about the “Hot Tub” phenomenon, the streaming format on Twitch in which content creators in bathing suits talk and interact with viewers while they are inside tubs or swimming pools. After a long series of discussions on this matter, the Twitch team had begun to analyze the issue to try to understand what to do and especially if this format goes against the rules of use of the service.

News they arrived very soon, now that a post has been published on the official blog of the platform: according to Twitch, in fact, "being sexy in the eyes of others does not go against the regulation, and no measures will be taken against women, or anyone who uses the service , for their perceived attractiveness ". This is what Twitch staff said, whose stance strongly goes against any form of harassment of streamers regardless of their actions or intentions.

Wearing swimwear at the beach, in swimming pools or in swimming pools. tubs is not strange behavior at all, in fact. Furthermore, the platform already allows formats in which, for example, body writing or body painting are provided, always within the guidelines for using Twitch. What is even more interesting is the inclusion of the new category "Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches" as a sign of also wanting to evolve this type of streaming.

It is undoubtedly a decision that will continue to make discuss, as it split the opinions of everyone who uses Twitch in two, both to create content and to enjoy it. Moreover to see that many men have decided to use this category to bring fun formats and who want to alleviate the tension created behind this whole thing. What do you think about it? Do you think this choice was right or do you think that it was possible to avoid reaching this conclusion?

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