Renault Mobilize, 3 electric vehicles are already in the works

Renault Mobilize, 3 electric vehicles are already in the works

Renault Mobilize

Renault's new brand dedicated to electric mobility, Mobilize, is working on 3 different electric vehicles expected on the market in the coming years, designed with the intention of attacking the electric mobility market from different directions, at a time when the electric is growing rapidly.

Mobilize was born following the transformation strategy implemented by the company: baptized with the name of "Renaulution", this strategy aims to bring new transport solutions for urban environments, as well as to design new top-up systems with subscriptions and financing plans. Mobilize wants to go beyond just the automotive market, proposing an ecological transition with flexible, sustainable and user-friendly methods.

The first model the brand is working on will be an heir to Twizy: the images of the prototype EZ1 show us a small 2-seater vehicle, clearly designed for the busy streets of big cities. There is not much technical information about it, but according to some sources the autonomy should be the same as the Twizy, about 100 km.

EZ1 will also be available in a "cargo" version, with only one seat and one load capacity of about 1000 liters: it will certainly be used by the different delivery services working in our cities. EZ1 will be produced using 50% recycled materials, and will be 95% recyclable.

The third model is called Hippo, and is described as a light and fully electric utility car, built on a modular platform that will allow easily modify the vehicle as needed: instead of the complete driver's cab, you can easily install a refrigerated body, for example.

In addition to vehicles, Mobilize will strive to improve the charging infrastructure, and is doing so also thanks to targeted collaborations, such as the close one with the German company Betteries, which is developing energy storage systems using old electric vehicle batteries: a 9.2 kWh accumulator, for example, is sufficient to power a house for about a full day, and could be a very useful tool in environments where it is difficult to carry electricity.

Renault’s Mobilize Power Solutions outfit to provide turnkey EV fleet charging

Renault Group has rebranded and relaunched its Mobilize Power Solutions business in the UK, facilitating charging infrastructure projects for fleets regardless of the brand of vehicle.

Mobilize Power Solutions is part of the Renault Group and aims to facilitate all charging infrastructure projects for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle fleets

The move sees the group’s Elexent subsidiary, which launched in mid-2020, renamed as part of the new Mobilize brand that was announced at the start of the year under the Renaulution five-star strategy plan.

Mobilize Power Solutions is headed up by former Renault head of fleet Mark Dickens, who moved to the role of managing director at Elexent two months ago, and provides companies with a solution to simplify and optimise the charging infrastructure of their electric and plug-in hybrid fleets.

Its strategy is simple: to optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its clients’ fleets and to contribute to greener business operations. But its services are many and varied. From the design to the operation of charging networks, Mobilize Power Solutions offers tailor-made, turnkey solutions that cover all business and fleet needs.

Mark Dickens explained: “A robust and accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure solution is vital to a businesses’ move to fully adopt a low-pollution transport policy and reap the rewards of low-cost driving. We are in a unique position to be part of Renault Group, which has over 10 years’ experience in electric mobility, and still be autonomous so that we can provide charging solutions across all brands and types of vehicles.”

Its services are compatible with all types and brands of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, and it works with all sizes of businesses, from SMEs through to large groups that run corporate fleets. Mobilize Power Solutions also works with property companies, car parks, shopping centres and local authorities. It can also work on a white-label basis for clients who wish to promote their own brand.

Nicolas Schottey, CEO Mobilize Power Solutions, said: “After the cost and autonomy of vehicles, Mobilize Power Solutions has removed a major obstacle to the electrification of fleets: charging. By facilitating charging projects for companies, Mobilize Power Solutions accelerates the energy transition of professionals and the democratisation of electric vehicles.”

As well as launching in the UK, the Mobilize Power Solutions brand now operates in 10 other key European electric mobility markets, including Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Luxembourg.

The launch of the new charging business comes as Renault’s wider Mobilize brand also revealed three new electric vehicles dedicated to the transport of people and goods.

The ‘tailor-made’ vehicles will not be on sale to private customers, but will instead target key mobility pay-per-use opportunities. The compact two-seater Duo has been developed for car sharing, with a bespoke version created for goods deliveries and dubbed the Bento. The line-up also includes the Hippo modular vehicle for last-mile deliveries.