Pokémon GO: Big Raid Update - with new graphics and trainer successes

Pokémon GO: Big Raid Update - with new graphics and trainer successes

Pokémon GO

Niantic releases updates for the raids in Pokémon Go. "Since we introduced raid battles in the summer of 2017, millions of trainers around the world have taken part in raid battles to defeat and catch powerful Pokémon," said the developers. After the introduction of the remote raid passes last year, players can now look forward to additional features. Also included are the trainer successes, which are supposed to put trainers of all levels in the spotlight for participating in a raid fight. "For example, trainers are shown at the end of a raid fight who did the most damage or caused a Pokémon to Mega Evolve because they made valuable contributions to the fight," add the developers.

You can also get into the limelight of the raid battle in Pokémon Go if, among other things, you use the last attack, participate from the greatest distance or use the most charging attacks among all participants. As soon as you have bagged the first success, you will receive a medal that you can upgrade from bronze to silver to gold. "You can even download your trainer success card with your avatar, for example to share it with your friends on social media," announce the developers. With the current update, the makers are also working on the graphics and user interface. Niantic promises a "completely new look" for the stadium in which the raid battles will take place.

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Pokemon Go Bidoof Breakout: Everything You Need to Know

Pokemon Go's newest event starts today, with players having the opportunity to capture the most powerful Pokemon of all - Bidoof. The Bidoof Breakout event starts today in Pokemon Go and is focused on the popular and meme-tastic Pokemon Bidoof. This friendly beaver-like Pokemon will be getting all sorts of perks during the event, with the Pokemon receiving new moves, two different variants, and even a few new stickers. Even those who aren't Bidoof mega-fans should get in on this event, thanks to a special escalating catch bonus that's too good to miss. Here's everything you need to know about the Bidoof Breakout event in Pokemon Go:

Bidoof Breakout - Start and End Dates

The Bidoof Breakout event runs from June 25th at 10 AM local time to July 1st at 8 PM local time.

Bidoof Breakout - Bonuses

The Bidoof Breakout event will feature an escalating Catch XP that increases as the event goes on. When the event starts, all players will receive a 2X Catch XP bonus. Starting on Sunday June 27th, the bonus becomes a 3X Catch XP bonus. On Tuesday June 29th, the bonus becomes a 4X Catch XP bonus.

Bidoof Breakout - Special Moves

Bidoof encountered during the event will know special moves that they can't usually learn. From the start of the event to the end of Saturday, wild Bidoof will know Shadow Ball. From Sunday to the end of Monday, wild Bidoof will know Thunderbolt. From Tuesday until the end of Wednesday, wild Bidoof will know the move Ice Beam. On July 1st from 10 AM to 8 PM, players can use a Charged TM to teach a Bidoof any of these moves.

Additionally, any Bidoof evolved during the event will become a Bibarel that knows Hyper Beam.

Bidoof Breakout - Shiny Bidoof and Shadow Bidoof

As part of the event, Pokemon Go will add the Shiny version of Bidoof to the game for the first time. Shiny Bidoof is a 'golden' Shiny that has a distinctively golden-tinged fur color. You can see what a Shiny Bidoof looks like below.

Additionally, all Team Rocket Grunts will use Bidoof for the duration of the event, and players will have the opportunity to encounter a Shadow Bidoof when they defeat a Grunt in battle.