Jack Black and Kevin Smith will play Dungeons & Dragons at D&D Live

Jack Black and Kevin Smith will play Dungeons & Dragons at D&D Live

Jack Black and Kevin Smith will play Dungeons &

For this upcoming D&D Live 2021, Wizards of the Coast and G4 have announced that a Dungeons & Dragons demo table will be held with plenty of famous guests, including actor / musician Jack Black and director Kevin Smith. Other illustrious names will join parties in the coming weeks, thus creating a unique event, the proceeds of which from streaming will be donated to Extra Life, a charity that helps finance the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

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D&D Live has now become an important annual event for Wizards of the Coast, and its 2021 edition, created in collaboration with the G4 gaming network , is scheduled for July 16 and 17. In addition to the game tables starring some celebrities, the event also features interviews, giveaways, announcements regarding new products and a round table focusing on the role of the Dungeon Master. Streaming of the event, free for all, will be available on G4 and Dungeons & Dragons channels on Twitch and YouTube, as well as NBC's Peacock service.

According to a Wizards post of the Coast on their Instagram profile, other guests scheduled for the “Lost Odyssey: Last Light” table include beatbox comedian and musician Reggie Watts, Jason Mewes and actress Lauren Lapkus, made famous by the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. . Guest of honor of the table, Kate Welch, a veteran of Fungeons & Flagons, she She Geek Show, Lost Odyssey: The Book of Knowledge and in any case already past guest of a D & D Lives.

All the guests, in one way or another, have always placed themselves as "standard bearers" of the geek culture, with Jack Black in the first place, owner, among other things, of a Youtube channel dedicated to gaming , Jablinski Games.

In addition to these names, as if they weren't enough, Wizard of the Coast also has another "mysterious guest" in store, about whose identity there are still no certain clues, except that it is he / she too “fans of Dungeons & Dragons”.