Instagram is testing the desktop publishing mode

Instagram is testing the desktop publishing mode

The novelty, still available for a few users, was long overdue and aims to simplify the work of many

(photo: via Matt Navarra / Twitter) Instagram is already giving some users the ability to create and publish photos and videos directly from the desktop, via a browser. To discover the news in preview was the social media consultant Matt Navarra who posted some screenshots of the new feature.

It was known that Instagram was testing this option as early as mid-May, but now it seems that the proof is entered into full swing and this was confirmed by Facebook itself, in a statement to Bloomberg. "We know a lot of people log into Instagram from their computer," spokeswoman Christine Pai said. “To enhance this experience, we are now testing the possibility of creating an Instagram feed post with their desktop browser.”

NEW! @Instagram lets you create + publish posts via desktop!

- Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) June 24, 2021

Judging from the screens released so far, even from desktop you can load and edit multiple photos by selecting aspect ratio and applying filters built into the app. The feature is not yet available to everyone, but it is highlighted at the top right of the screen with a message that says "You can now create and share posts directly from your computer", which suggests how serious Instagram is doing and bodes well for a its large-scale diffusion in a short time.

Instagram has historically been slow in implementing new features on its web app, especially on desktops, favoring mobile use. Direct messages have only been available since last year, for example. However, the inability to upload images has forced those who use social media for work a lot to move to other platforms to create posts on the desktop, to be uploaded to Instagram from their smartphone, complicating and slowing down the workflow.

L 'introduction of this possibility was long overdue especially by this whole slice of users who will no longer be forced to work on different devices. The novelty, soon introduced by the social network, will thus bring Instagram closer to the Facebook experience.

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