Instagram will test adding recommended posts to the feed

Instagram will test adding recommended posts to the feed

Users, through new commands, will be able to suggest to the algorithm which posts of strangers they are interested in (or not)

(photo: Unsplash) In a little while in the Instagram feed you may not only see the photos and videos - perhaps at the seaside - of your friends or the VIPs you follow. The social network has in fact made it known that the test of the suggested posts went so well that it will also insert these suggestions in the feed, before or in the middle of the contents uploaded by those who already know.

The function, launched the year last, so far it has offered additional content only after seeing everything that people following you have shared. A Facebook spokesperson described the TechCrunch suggested post expansion as an extension of the Instagram feed, and that these will vary based on how someone uses the app. The test will be extended to a limited number of users in English-speaking countries only, although the company has refused to specify how many accounts will be affected.

Instagram is also testing new commands that will allow users to say they are interested or minus ai for suggested posts, as well as the ability to postpone recommendations for 30 days to hide them from the feed. A kind of alarm snooze button for unwanted posts.

Instagram aims to bring out suggested content to keep people on the app longer, but users may prefer to only see people's posts that follow, especially if that group is small.

The Verge commented on this news by writing that "people are still upset that the feed is no longer chronological, let alone now including posts from strangers." The ability to customize the suggested posts and the feeling of somehow having some control over the functioning of the algorithm that regulates the feed could instead reassure users.

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