GTA 5: AI develops playable demo version

GTA 5: AI develops playable demo version


Meanwhile, GTA 5 has been released almost as often as Skyrim. The latter still leads in terms of absurdity with a release for Amazon Alexa, but GTA 5 is now catching up with a version developed by an AI.

With GAN Theft Auto, Nvidia's GameGAN technology was trained on it, its own version of Create Grand Theft Auto 5. The title is far from perfect, but at least for those who are familiar with the game it can be easily recognized as GTA 5 (buy now € 149.99).

Sentdex explains this in a video Project a little more detailed. The AI ​​was shown a variety of scenes with cars from GTA 5. The neural network then did the rest.

This GTA-5 port is not a simulated recording or anything like that, but an actual playable video game. Really a lot of content is not offered to the player, you can only drive around in a car, it is still really interesting to think that this was created entirely by an AI.

Recommended editorial content Here you will find external Contents of [PLATFORM]. To protect your personal data, external integrations are only displayed if you confirm this by clicking on "Load all external content": Load all external content I consent to external content being displayed to me. This means that personal data is transmitted to third-party platforms. Read more about our privacy policy . External content More on this in our data protection declaration. The game also has some details. The textures are of course all very "watered down" as this was not created by humans, but by a computer, but not only the rough aesthetics were reproduced, but also smaller details, such as the reaction of another vehicle when the player drives against it.

Another video from Sentdex shows how exactly the AI ​​was trained and how certain things were learned. For example, the AI ​​had to recognize which part of the image represents the actual street.

A playable demo of the title and further technical information can be found on the Sentdex GitHub page.

5 pedestrians in GTA 5 who have a secret dialogue with Trevor

GTA 5 introduced a lot of new characters. It managed to distinguish itself from other GTA games in that it allowed players to switch between three playable characters.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, the three playable characters, were all distinct and brought a fresh new feel to the game. These characters are truly etched into players' memory by their acts in GTA 5.

Trevor Phillips, one of the in-game playable characters, hit the ball out of the park with his in-game portrayal. There were many instances in GTA 5 where Trevor could engage in conversations with pedestrians. This article will focus on 5 pedestrians in GTA 5 who have a secret dialogue with Trevor.

1) Tonya

Tonya Wiggins appears as a stranger in GTA 5. She is friends with Franklin and has an apparent crack habit. If players visit her with Trevor as the character, they might be in for some secret dialogues and apparently 'some good time' as well.

She tells Trevor she is selling her body to support herself and JB. Trevor rejects her offer by saying, 'I've got very low standards, but even I ain't gonna sink that low.'

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2) Shirtless pedestrian

The city of GTA 5 is filled with pedestrians and other NPCs. Players can interact with them however they choose to. While some don't react or respond, others do in funny ways.

There is a shirtless pedestrian in GTA 5 with whom players can interact as Trevor. When Trevor tells him that he is a total moron, the guy responds by saying, 'Sorry living and letting more people live is all I want.'

A shirtless man with Trevor (Image via Ferzen YouTube)

A shirtless man with Trevor (Image via Ferzen YouTube)A shirtless man with Trevor (Image via Ferzen YouTube)3) A lady on the street

There are several female pedestrians spread around the map in GTA 5. There is one lady who seems to be waiting for someone on the street. When players approach the lady as Trevor, he exclaims that she makes him want to emigrate, to which she responds, 'Well damn it!' and runs away.

Trevor talking with the lady NPC(Image via Ferzen YouTube)

Trevor talking with the lady NPC(Image via Ferzen YouTube)Trevor talking with the lady NPC(Image via Ferzen YouTube)4) Depressing Pedestrian

While roaming the streets of GTA 5, Trevor sees a male pedestrian walking down the street. As the person walks by Trevor, Trevor says, 'You are depressing me friend ' to which the man responds, 'I am sorry, did I do something crazy?'. When Trevor says this again, the person starts running away to which Trevor says, 'You even run in a depressing way.'

Trevor talking to the male NPC(Image via Ferzen YouTube)

Trevor talking to the male NPC(Image via Ferzen YouTube)Trevor talking to the male NPC(Image via Ferzen YouTube)5) Old man

In GTA 5, players can freely roam around and do whatever they please. There is one instance where Trevor sees an old-looking pedestrian approaching him. He remarks, 'well done with destroying the world.' To this, the old person responds, 'Forgive me.' Trevor goes on blaming him until the old pedestrian starts running away.

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