Devolver Digital: E3 show with new hotline Miami?

Devolver Digital: E3 show with new hotline Miami?

Devolver Digital

As this year's E3 approaches, more and more development studios and publishers are announcing their plans. Devolver Digital has now revealed that it will also organize a suitable showcase event. This should take place on June 12, 2021, but no specific time has yet been set. We assume the evening hours of Central European Time. Exact details of the line-up are also not yet known, but at least there is a teaser picture with one or two clues.

The photo can be found in a tweet from Devolver Digital and shows a woman at a desk . Directly in front of her is a whiteboard with numerous notes and smaller pictures. On it you can see Hotline Miami, behind whose name there is an indecipherable symbol. This could indicate that Devolver Digital will announce a new episode of the somewhat wacky game series at the showcase event - Hotline Miami 3. Unfortunately, even zooms with the help of various image processing programs do not solve the puzzle.

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Devolver Digital confirms E3 2021 showcase

Like many other gaming companies, Devolver Digital has confirmed its E3 2021 plans. The company today confirmed which day its E3 showcase will go live, and if it’s anything like the Devolver Digital shows of the past, then this one will definitely be worth tuning into. Unfortunately for us, Devolver hasn’t divulged which games will be on the docket for its E3 2021 presentation.

For that matter, Devolver Digital hasn’t even given us a precise time for the show, merely a date. The announcement came in the form of a one-sentence tweet today that simply reads “The future begins again on June 12th.” Along with the tweet, Devolver Digital posted a single image that shows actress Mahria Zook – who has portrayed Nina Struthers in Devolver’s previous E3 press conferences – presumably brainstorming ideas for this year’s conference.

In front of her sits of a desk filled with what we’re guessing are nods to the reveals that will happen at this year’s show. Of particular interest could be the various notes stuck to the wall behind the desk, though they’re not in focus and most of them are essentially impossible to read. Other items of note include a few different dinosaur toys, a smiley face mug, and a model of a hand showing a peace sign.

Whatever Devolver Digital winds up revealing, we know that the show will be worth watching. Not only does Devolver’s adults-only show tend to be a lot bloodier and much more vulgar than your typical E3 press conference, but Devolver is also the publisher of a lot of really excellent indie games. Enter the Gungeon, Loop Hero, Katana Zero, Shadow Warrior 3, The Messenger, and Hotline Miami are just some of the games Devolver has published in the past, so we’re definitely excited to see what the company has up its sleeve for 2021.

Just yesterday, Nintendo revealed its own plans for E3 2021, announcing that it will host a special E3 2021 Nintendo Direct followed by an in-depth Treehouse: Live presentation on Tuesday, June 15th. The event kicks off in a couple of weeks, and even though it’s an all-digital affair this year, we’re guessing it’s going to be big show regardless. We’ll be covering the show as it happens, so be sure to check back here at SlashGear for more on E3 2021.