Call of Duty Warzone: New update for download - that's in the patch

Call of Duty Warzone: New update for download - that's in the patch

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone players will have access to a new update. As the developers of Raven Software announce on their website, the patch addresses, among other things, the dirt bikes introduced in Season 4: The update reduces the audio of the two-wheeled runabouts. The patch notes also show that the update initially removes the deployment shield from the ground loot pool. You can still get the shield in the supply costs. At what point in time the item can be picked up from the ground is not known.

Raven Software also applies individual bug fixes with the new update for Call of Duty Warzone (buy now € 8.90). For example, the developers fix collision errors in various elements on the Verdansk map that players used as an exploit - or were able to shoot through them. In addition, a bug around the reconnaissance binoculars, which could previously be used without being equipped, has been fixed. The update also addresses the mysterious red doors: According to Raven Software, the interaction text was sometimes not output as intended.

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The best AUG (CW) loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone

The Cold War AUG used to dominate the playing field in Call of Duty: Warzone. Its triple-burst fire type made it easy to down players in just a couple pulls of the trigger, giving you stopping power similar to a sniper, while leaving lots of room for error with each shot. It has since been nerfed heavily, making it harder for less experienced players to use. But if you’re on point with your shots, you can still sweep the floor with the AUG (CW).

Better yet is if you know how to properly build your AUG (CW) with the right attachments. Since it’s a tactical rifle, there aren’t too many options when it comes to loadouts, but there are a couple of variations and things you should know when decking out your AUG (CW). In this guide, we’ll go through an overview of the weapon, along with a couple of loadouts that should suit your playstyle. These are the best AUG (CW) loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone.

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AUG overviewthe-best-aug-loadouts-in-call-of-duty-warzone

Let’s first dive into an overview of the AUG (CW) before taking a look at the loadouts. This weapon is a tactical rifle, not to be confused with the Modern Warfare AUG (which annoyingly has the same exact name). You’ll often hear Raven Software refer to the AUG (CW) as Tactical Rifle Charlie to distinguish between the two. This is primarily to be used at long range and has a triple-burst fire type, meaning each time you pull the trigger, only three bullets come out before you have to pull the trigger again (as opposed to full auto).

Because of its semi-auto fire type, the AUG (CW) isn’t the easiest weapon to use. Many players might opt to just use a fully automatic weapon, as they’re often more forgiving. But if you’ve got a fast trigger finger and are good at controlling recoil, the AUG (CW) might be for you. It’s a great weapon, but you have to hit your shots quickly to make it effective. The one nice thing about the AUG (CW) is that it comes with a built-in optic, freeing up an attachment slot for you. Speaking of attachments, let’s get into the builds.

Best AUG loadout: Medium-rangethe-best-aug-loadouts-in-call-of-duty-warzoneMuzzleAgency SilencerBarrel19.8″ Task ForceStockSAS Combat StockUnderbarrelField Agent ForegripAmmunition45 Rnd Drum

The AUG (CW) is, of course, meant for long range, but you can actually build it for more aggressive playstyles up close. It won’t feel like an SMG, but you can definitely dominate at medium range if you know how to build it. With tactical rifles, we almost always recommend coming equipped with the Agency Silencer Muzzle. This will keep you from showing up on the minimap, but will also improve vertical recoil control, bullet velocity, and effective damage range. Even with a medium-range build, you’ll still want to have good bullet velocity and as much recoil control you can get. You can swap this for the regular Silencer, but typically we’d recommend the Agency Silencer so you can still pull off longer-range shots.

Follow that up with the 19.8″ Task Force Barrel, which increases effective damage range and bullet velocity. Normally with a mid-range build, you wouldn’t need to prioritize bullet velocity, but since this is a tactical rifle, you’ll want all the range boosts you can get. The nice thing about the Task Force Barrel is that it boosts your bullet velocity and range without penalizing mobility. Then, to make up for the heavier attachments, you should apply the SAS Combat Stock. This will improve your firing movement speed, aim walking movement speed, and aim down sights (ADS) firing move speed. This will greatly improve how quickly you can move while firing at enemies.

Skip the Optic for this build, and instead, apply the Field Agent Foregrip Underbarrel. You’ll want this attachment because it improves your vertical and horizontal recoil control and negates the penalties of the Task Force Barrel. The AUG (CW) now has moderate to high recoil, so this attachment will serve you well. Finally, we advise always sticking with at least the 45 Rnd Drum Ammunition type. You can use a larger magazine size, but the larger the mag, the slower your ADS time is. Forty-five rounds is typically plenty, especially since the AUG (CW) doesn’t have a slow reload time.

When it comes to the rest of the loadout, the perks will be mostly the same as you’re probably used to. For slot 1, most players use Double Time or E.O.D. since those are the most useful in a practical sense; as for slot 2, Ghost or Overkill are never bad choices, but many skilled players have actually been gravitating toward High Alert, since it notifies you when an enemy player is looking at you, while perk slot 3 is almost always going to be Amped for faster weapon swap.

As for equipment, we highly advise Molotovs for your lethal slot, and Stuns or a Heartbeat Sensor for your tactical slot. There’s a bit more room for experimentation with equipment since many options are viable.

Best AUG loadout: Long-rangethe-best-aug-loadouts-in-call-of-duty-warzoneMuzzleAgency SilencerBarrel19.6″ Match GradeOpticAxial Arms 3xUnderbarrelField Agent ForegripAmmunition45 Rnd Drum

Normally, we try to include three builds in our loadout guides, but since the AUG (CW) is really only designed for long range, there aren’t as many options for using this weapon. With that in mind, let’s dive into the standard long-range build, which is meant for battles at around 50-100 meters or so. Once again, start with the Agency Silencer Muzzle, which is the best for long range, while keeping you off the minimap.

Then, we recommend swapping over to the 19.6″ Match Grade Barrel for a boost to damage range. Now, here’s when things get tricky. You’ll notice with the previous medium-range build, we advised using the 19.8″ Task Force, which happens to improve your bullet velocity. However, that attachment greatly reduces vertical and horizontal recoil control, which is not recommended with the long-range build. It’s a trade-off and both attachments are good, but the AUG (CW) is already sort of hard to control as is. That’s why we like the Match Grade, since it doesn’t penalize your recoil. It doesn’t do you any good to have high bullet velocity if the weapon’s recoil is so high you can’t even hit your shots. If you find this weapon’s recoil to be manageable, then try out the Task Force from afar and see how you do — but the Match Grade seems to be more consistent.

After that, apply the Axial Arms 3x Optic, which is standard for long-range builds like these. You can pick something with higher zoom, of course, but the 3x seems to be the sweet spot. Also, make sure you take a look at the different reticles, as this can greatly improve your performance. We like the On Point reticle. The rest of the build is pretty much the same as the mid-range version. Go with the Field Agent Foregrip Underbarrel for improved vertical and horizontal recoil control, and the 45 Rnd Drum Ammunition type. With this loadout, you can absolutely get away with a higher magazine size since you should be far enough away from your targets to safely reload. ADS speed is another factor to always consider with large mag sizes.

In terms of perks, the same recommendations still stand. For this build, the High Alert perk is highly effective since it will help you avoid other snipers or players who will be taking shots at you from afar. Or having Overkill to bring an SMG or other close-range firearm is a great idea with this loadout, too. We also recommend having claymores to watch your back since you’ll probably be setting up shop somewhere.

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