Call of Duty Warzone: Season 3 brings with it a new glitch

Call of Duty Warzone: Season 3 brings with it a new glitch

Call of Duty Warzone

For the past week, Call of Duty Warzone has welcomed Season 3 which has, in its own way, turned the entire title upside down. Although the change of the map was minimal, with the addition of some platforms and a completely new area near the former Dam, the battle royale to date turns out to be much more balanced and frenetic than before with some historical glitches completely removed.

As you well know the development team is focusing mainly on the battle against the cheaters, still present by the thousands and which are inevitably ruining the experience for many. However, Season 3 brought a noteworthy set of weapons, with some of them coming into the meta forcefully (see Fara 83). Despite all this, unfortunately, the new update has brought with it another, yet another, glitch, which fortunately Raven Software is already trying to solve as soon as possible.

We are talking about the possibility, through a simple stratagem, to enter inside buildings, eliminating unsuspecting passers-by with extreme ease. Apparently it will be enough to take a van, lean against a wall, get out of the car and we will be catapulted into the building (below we will leave you a clip posted on the official reddit).

I do a better job of policing this game than activision from CODWarzone

Raven Software then posted a post on their official Twitter profile stating that the team is currently planning to fix, posting a link to the Trello board testifying that a fix is ​​in the works. For the uninitiated, Call of Duty Warzone is available for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The battle royale is probably the most played of the moment with hundreds of millions of active users even today. For any information and news regarding the next updates, we invite you, as usual, to follow our pages.

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Verdansk '84 Glitch Lets You Go Under The Map, And It's A Problem

A newly discovered glitch in Call of Duty: Warzone allows players to access an area under the map where they can take out players who can't see them. People on Reddit have discovered that it's not very difficult to get under the map at the airport, in particular. [Update: Raven Software now says it's aware of the issue and is working on a fix]

The potential for negatively impacting the game with this glitch is immediately obvious, and players who have been killed by those who use the glitch are understandably voicing their frustrations. You can see an example of the glitch in the video below, as spotted by PC Gamer. It's also been reported that it's possible to get under the new map, Verdansk '84, at locations like the train station, downtown, and TV station.

Here is an example of what it looks like to be on the receiving end of the glitch. As you can see in the video, the unsuspecting player is taken out at the Stadium by someone who has gotten under the map. The player who was killed never saw it coming. The person who uploaded the video titled it 'What's the point of even playing right now?'

Cheating continues to be an issue with Warzone, but this problem appears to be more of an issue related to the map itself and out-of-bounds areas that are accessible when they should not be. It's not clear yet if any of the developers of Warzone have responded to this issue.

The new Verdansk '84 map is just a few days old at this point, so it was likely inevitable that there would be some teething issues like this. Here's to hoping the developers close out these glitches before they become too commonplace.

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