Animal Crossing New Horizons: New items for the Summer and Winter Solstice

Animal Crossing New Horizons: New items for the Summer and Winter Solstice

Animal Crossing New Horizons

June 21 will be the Summer Solstice (for the Northern Hemisphere) and the Winter Solstice (for the Southern Hemisphere). Animal Crossing New Horizons is therefore celebrating the event with the release of new seasonal items for all players, which can be purchased through the Nook Catalog right now.

Of course, Animal Crossing Northern Hemisphere players New Horizons will get summer-themed items, such as a sunflower-shaped rug, a model airplane, a hammock, surfboards, a boat in a bottle, a sandcastle, and more. You can see the image with the included objects below for yourself.

Animal Crossing New Horizons players from the southern hemisphere, on the other hand, will get winter-themed items for the Solstice. There are colored and star-shaped lamps, a spyglass, a statue of a bear and a tree. Plus a wall that represents the Northern Lights over frozen mountains. Some items that will be available in the Nook Catalog are new, while others are returns: now you have the opportunity to take everything you were missing.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of Nintendo's biggest hits on Switch. Also tonight, the new E3 2021 Direct will be broadcast: while waiting to find out what the Kyoto company has in store for us, we recommend our in-depth article "Nintendo at E3 2021: rumors and forecasts".

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Features players want to see in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is in dire need of a massive update to sustain its community's interest. Nintendo’s life-simulation game saw immense success after its release during the global lockdown of 2020.

However, developers have failed to impress the Animal Crossing community with the sea of updates they've introduced to the game over time. Every update has seemed largely underwhelming, providing nothing interesting enough to pique the curiosity of veteran players of the title.

Fans have often voiced their opinion regarding features they would like to see in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image via Wired)

Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image via Wired)Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Image via Wired)

After a series of unimpressive updates, now would be a good time for Nintendo to try to redeem itself in the Animal Crossing community.

Here are a few updates the community would like to see in the game with the next update.

Island Expansion

Towards the beginning of May, there were rumors afloat about the introduction of an island expansion feature into New Horizons. According to the rumors, the game files showed certain adjustments to the game camera settings, along with a significant adjustment in the size of the southern portion of the island.

This led many players to believe that they could see an increase in the size of their islands or see a smaller island being added to its southern portion. While at the time, Nintendo made no comment about these rumors, fans are hopeful they will see island expansion as a feature in the game soon.

Island expansion in Animal Crossing (Image via Screen Rant)

Island expansion in Animal Crossing (Image via Screen Rant)Island expansion in Animal Crossing (Image via Screen Rant)

Ability to destroy portions of the island to rebuild

New Horizons really gets its community’s creative juices flowing. However, once players have built their island, it is a hassle to start again from scratch. Players may want to destroy and redesign portions of their island.

However, even after a year since the game’s release, there is still no option for them to do so. Naturally, fans rightly believe that it is high time for Nintendo to introduce this feature into the game.

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Social media feature

Social media plays a key role in modern life, so it is only natural for such a feature to be available in the game. It will be fun to watch villagers interact among themselves and use the social media feature for multiple purposes.

Customization options for more in-game items

Nintendo introduces a number of events throughout the year, which come with their own set of limited-time items. While these items are quite attractive to players, they cannot really customize them according to their wish.

This, unfortunately, renders these items practically useless for the players. On a more permanent note, players have made it known that they would like to be able to customize the fences surrounding their house on their Animal Crossing island.

Nintendo can borrow a page out of Hokko Life’s book in this regard. Hokko Life is a PC game that largely resembles Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, it also allows players to customize more in-game items, a feature that Animal Crossing: New Horizons players desire greatly.

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More dialog choices

Communication in Animal Crossing can be a lot more organic and smooth if characters were allowed to have more range in terms of dialog. Speaking to villagers can get a tad bit boring if players have to listen to the same responses over and over again. This is why adding more dialog options is certainly a feature Nintendo might consider adding into the game.

These are a few of the features that the Animal Crossing community expects to see in the game soon. No doubt, these features will make the game a lot more enjoyable for the community.

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