Civ 6: April update brings some new features and balance adjustments

Civ 6: April update brings some new features and balance adjustments

Civ 6

Three new units are now available in the game with the April update of Civilization VI. The Tribok is a catapult modernization of the Middle Ages and can be upgraded to a cannon unit. The Landsknecht offers a new modernization of the swordsman and can be upgraded to a musketeer. Finally, there is a musketeer modernization with the line infantryman, which can be improved to become a normal infantryman. The three new units have also changed which troops will be replaced by the specific units of some civilizations. For example, the French Imperial Guard and the English Redcoat are now replacing the new line infantry.

Also included in the update are four new cards. The Big Mediterranean Map, Big World Map, True Starting Point World Large, and True Starting Point Mediterranean. The last two maps ensure that civilizations start at the position of their historical capital.

Furthermore, a total of 44 units underwent some balance adjustments. Among other things, changes were made to costs and combat strength. The different civilizations also received numerous changes. For example, Pairidaeza's attraction bonus has been reduced from +2 to +1.

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With the April update, the season of the New Frontier Pass is now officially over. It is not yet known whether we will receive another expansion pass or whether Civilization VII will make its debut soon.

Final Free Civilization 6 Update of the Season is Here

The final free Civilization 6 update of the season has gone live, giving all civilizations access to three new units and a bunch of balance changes throughout the game.

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 has been cranking out premium content as part of its New Frontier Pass, but it certainly hasn't forgotten about the people who just own the base game. Firaxis announced that a bunch of new content was on the way earlier this month; now, this new update has gone live!

Final Free Civilization 6 Update slice

One of the most notable additions in the final free Civilization 6 update is three new units being made available for all civilizations. All of these units fit somewhere around the middle of the tech tree, so the progression has been slightly rebalanced to accommodate them.

The Trebuchet is a Medieval Era upgrade for the Catapult; as we all know, Trebuchets are superior to Catapults in every single way. As with many similar games, the Trebuchet cannot move and attack on the same turn.

On the infantry side, the Man-At-Arms serves as a Medieval Era upgrade for the Swordsman and the Line Infantry is an upgrade for Musketman in the Industrial Era. Some civilizations have unique units that can upgrade to each of these new types of infantry.

In addition to these new units, four new maps are being added for all players:

  • Mediterranean Large Map: A large map of the greater Mediterranean region with resources, terrain, and features reflecting their historic locations.
  • Earth Huge Map: A larger sized representation of Earth with resources, terrain, and features reflecting their historic locations.
  • TSL Earth Huge: Civilizations start at the location of their historical capital on the huge Earth map.
  • TSL Mediterranean: Civilizations start the location of their historic capital on the large Mediterranean map.
  • That's it for the new additions, but that's far from all the changes — many civilizations have had changes to basic units and, in some cases, buffs or nerfs to their unique powers.

    You can read about all of the changes in the full free Civilization 6 update patch notes; bear in mind that taking advantage of some of these changes will require that you purchase DLC. You can get started with your plan to take over the world by buying Civilization 6 via its official website starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

    What do you think about the changes in the final free Civilization 6 update of the season? Which new unit or map do you like the best? Let us know in the comments below!