XEV Yoyo, the small electric with interchangeable batteries

XEV Yoyo, the small electric with interchangeable batteries

XEV Yoyo

The electric mobility market continues to grow, offering increasingly varied and functional solutions for specific uses. Today we are talking about a project that is also a bit Italian, because it was designed at the Polytechnic of Turin, and then built in China: it is called XEV Yoyo, and it is a small 2-seater car with an electric motor, which can be driven at 16 years old.

XEV Yoyo was obviously born for urban use, and has 150 km of autonomy at a maximum speed of 80 km / h. One of the most interesting aspects of the XEV Yoyo is undoubtedly the possibility of recharging discharged batteries at the dedicated machines, which will be widespread in the main cities. The operation will not be particularly complicated or tiring, because the battery has been divided into 3 easily removable and not excessive weight modules.

For those who have no way of using these machines, a battery replacement service will be arranged night: it will be sufficient to book the battery change through a dedicated app, and at night an employee will replace the discharged battery with a 100% charge.

Aesthetically, the small XEV Yoyo offers a futuristic design with particular lines: the shapes are typical of small city quadricycles, with some details that clearly recall cars already on the market, such as the doors very similar to those of a Renault Twizy.

As anticipated at the beginning, the car will be produced in China by integrating production systems with 3D printing: this will allow you to customize the car without exorbitant costs, given that the success of a vehicle of this type also passes from l final sale price.

Selling price starting from € 10,900 with state incentives; the car can be booked online and collected from one of the 20 XEV dealers in Italy, which will soon become 30. The expansionist aims do not stop there, however: XEV intends to bring at least 2 other electric models to the market, another small to two-seater and a real 4-seater car.

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