Resident Evil 8 Village: Multiplayer part not for the release - Capcom comments on the launch

Resident Evil 8 Village: Multiplayer part not for the release - Capcom comments on the launch

Resident Evil 8 Village

The release of Resident Evil 8 Village is getting closer: The launch is scheduled for May 7th. Players who purchase the new survival horror title also get access to the multiplayer component Resident Evil Re: Verse. However: The multiplayer battles cannot be contested directly with the release of Resi 8, as reported in the Resetera forum. Ambassador members have therefore received an email indicating that the service will start in "Summer 2021" - around the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil. A specific start date for Re: Verse has not yet been announced.

The website reported in relation to a Capcom spokesman that the launch period for Resident Evil Re: Verse was not previously communicated. Players assumed that the multiplayer component would be available right from the start of Resident Evil 8. As soon as we have more information and an appointment, you will find out as usual on our website. It's best to keep an eye on our news section.

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Resident Evil Village: New details about the villains

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Resident Evil Village: Demo Availability Extended to One Week

Capcom has taken the feedback to heart and extended the availability of the new Resident Evil Village demo to one week for PC XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

Resident Evil Village: Castle demo for PS5 in the video

Resident Evil 8 Village: Castle demo on PS5 in 4K including ray tracing in the video - Youtube stream for the half-hour castle level. var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1371061,1371051,1370980,1370958'; Most recently, Resident Evil Re: Verse was tried out in several betas. Players slip into the role of a well-known resi character and compete against each other in teams of up to six members. If you die screen death, you return as a monster - and can take revenge on the survivors. However, if you want to play Resident Evil 8 before the release, take a look at the current demo.

The final 'Resident Evil Village' demo will be playable for 8 days

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Capcom has been giving us glimpses of Resident Evil Village over the past few months through short demos across platforms. Those demos were only available for 24 hours at most, though, and that made it tough for a lot of people with busy schedules to play them. Thankfully, the developer is changing things up for the final extended demo it's releasing for the game before its launch on May 7th: The official Resident Evil Twitter account has announced that RE Village's final 60-minute demo will be playable for eight days.

It was only supposed to be up for 24 hours like the other demos before it, but Capcom says it's extending the its availability period due to players' feedback. Capcom will still make the demo playable starting on May 1st at 8PM Eastern time in North America, but instead of removing it after 24 hours, the developer will give fans access to it until May 9th, 8PM Eastern. That means the demo will be up for two days after RE Village is released, giving players the chance to test it out before purchasing the full game. In the UK, the demo will be available starting on May 2nd, 1AM BST, while the rest of Europe gets it on May 2nd 2AM CEST.

a person wearing a hat: Resident Evil Village © Capcom Resident Evil Village

The survival horror game will be released for PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Stadia. Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7 returns as its protagonist, giving players control of his character as he explores a mysterious European village.