A new paid browser to surf the web in cloud streaming

A new paid browser to surf the web in cloud streaming

It's called Mighty and it's a browser that allows you to browse the web in streaming: the browser is not physically installed on the user's PC but is located in the cloud. And it is accessible via a monthly subscription

The logo of Mighty browser in the cloud (image: Mighty) There is a way to browse the web using a browser that, unlike its colleagues, does not put a strain on less performing laptops making them drain your battery drastically or slow them down as soon as you open one too many tabs: it was devised by the Mighty startup, and it's a web browser that lives in the cloud.

Instead of having a browser physically installed on your computer you use to interact with websites, Mighty offers a monthly subscription service to stream a remote web browser. The browser actually resides in the cloud, i.e. on a dedicated server, connected to the internet thanks to an ultra-fast 1 Gbps connection. By using the Mighty browser your connection receives, in practice, a speed boost making websites load instantly and more intense web apps run more smoothly.

Unlike most browsers popular, the browser solution in the cloud allows the latter not to monopolize the Ram, the CPU, the GPU or drain the laptop's battery when it is running. This means that, regardless of the number of tabs open at the same time, the only thing your PC works on is the browser's video streaming. Put simply, this solution is Netflix's equivalent for web browsing.

“Most people want an experience where the underlying operating system and application (the browser) interact perfectly without having to tame two desktop experiences, ”Suhail Doshi, founder of Mighty, told Hacker News.

The startup said it was working to implement encryption for user data and keystrokes. It will also shortly delete cookies and ads that distract browsing.

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