GTA 6: finished works? Rockstar Games needs testers

GTA 6: finished works? Rockstar Games needs testers


GTA 6 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games by most gamers. Although practically nothing is known about it, Rockstar Games somehow has made it known that they are working hard to release a work that is nothing short of sensational. Today's news does not talk about the title itself, but we can confirm that this has made the web crazy.

According to a job advertisement, it would seem that the jobs are almost finished and the team is looking search for testers for its Edinburgh office. Candidates will have to evaluate this mysterious project looking for all kinds of problems, verifying that everything works in the best possible way. All this information is, according to fans of the franchise, concrete clues that the work on GTA 6 is concluded or in any case about to be. But in any case, we invite you to take this information with the necessary pliers.

Rockstar Games is not talking about a particular game, and therefore not about GTA 6 in first person. It could also turn out to be a job announcement to evaluate the functioning of yet another GTA 5 remastered coming soon to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Just last week Roberto Serrano ’allegedly declared that a possible trailer could be shown this summer, but the release of the game itself will see the light not before 2023.

In short, to date GTA 6 still appears to be in an aura of mystery. In fact, we do not know anything official about it, although the latest rumors would confirm Vice City as the setting. This scenario has been among the most rumored over the years and, with the publication of the expansion 'The Cayo Perico Heist' for GTA Online, it does not seem an impossible scenario to imagine in GTA, also because we know that the chapter released for PS2 back in 2002 is one of the most loved by enthusiasts. We invite you to stay tuned to our pages to find out more details.

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'GTA 6' News: Rockstar Looking For Game Testers, Reignites Release Date Rumors

  • Rockstar is currently looking for game testers to help with quality assurance
  • The positions are for Rockstar's studios in Edinburgh, India and Lincoln
  • The job listings imply 'GTA 6' may already be in a playable state
  • The hype for “GTA 6” continues as Rockstar Games opens new game tester job listings for a number of their studios. These openings could mean that the reveal for “Grand Theft Auto VI” might be much closer than what many fans thought it would be.

    It’s confirmed that Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar’s parent company, will be making an appearance in the upcoming E3 2021 online conference, but it’s not clear yet as to what games T2 will be revealing. However, the newly opened game tester jobs suggest that “GTA 6” is already at a playable state.

    The job openings are for Rockstar’s studios in India, Edinburgh and Lincoln, Screen Rant reports. There hasn’t been any word on whether or not Rockstar is working on a different game other than “GTA 6,” so it would be safe to assume that they’re looking for more manpower to realize the game’s ambitious vision.

    A potential reveal of “GTA 6” for Take-Two’s E3 showcase is possible considering Rockstar’s relative silence regarding their projects. However, demos from T2’s other studios like 2K might take the spotlight if Rockstar is not comfortable with revealing any “GTA” news just yet.

    Franklin - Grand Theft Auto V

    Franklin - Grand Theft Auto V Photo: Rockstar Games

    Rockstar North, which is based in Edinburgh, Scotland, is the main studio responsible for the development of “Grand Theft Auto” and their need for testers suggests that they’re ramping up to increase their development speed. Quality assurance roles such as game testing do require a very specific skill set; testers are primarily responsible for “breaking” games by exposing as many bugs as possible.

    If the new job listings are indeed for “GTA 6,” then this could imply that the game’s world is already in a playable, albeit very basic, state. The “Grand Theft Auto” series is no stranger to weird and wacky bugs, and getting these ironed out before release is a top priority.

    There is still no word on when “GTA 6” will actually launch, but if “Grand Theft Auto V’s” announcement date is taken into consideration, it might take a year or two before “GTA 6” launches after it’s officially revealed.

    It’s been eight years and two console generations since “GTA 5,” and it’s about time that Rockstar showed what millions of fans have been waiting for all these years.