Call of Duty 2021 at the mercy of problems? Activision would have a plan B

Call of Duty 2021 at the mercy of problems? Activision would have a plan B

Like every year, Call of Duty fans eagerly await news on the new chapter of the saga. Unfortunately, however, some rumors are not at all exciting. In fact, the title scheduled for 2021 would have some development-related issues. Problems that, according to the rumor, would also have made Activision pale, to the point of devising a post-launch recovery road map. The news comes from the trusted insider Tom Henderson (known for revealing several truthful rumors about the Activision and Battlefield saga in advance).

“Activision has stated that a new COD will be released this year and, by what I was told, they knew it wasn't going to work as planned (the 'recovery road map' is already in place), ”Henderson tweeted. Now, the legitimate question arises: if the rumor scenario turns out to be true, wouldn't it be better to postpone the game? With the release of Modern Warfare and, a year later, Black Ops Cold War, the saga has once again raised the quality bar. Wouldn't it be harmful to publish a 'broken game' to respect a sterile annual schedule?

Obviously, like everyone else, we hope that the rumors are false. But we will have a certain answer as soon as Activision decides to break the silence about it. Always according to the insider's words, the problems would come from the old gen versions (click here to learn more). "Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard (this is the likely game title of 2021) will be very limited due to the last generation consoles, and as far as I know, a cross-gen release has been planned for both this new game and the next title. developed by Infinity Ward ”.

Activision have stated that a new premium Call of Duty title will release this year and from what I've been told, they knew it wouldn't perform that well ("recovery road map" is already in place) .

I would personally take the DMCA with a grain of salt until more info comes out.

- Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) April 27, 2021

What will be the truth behind Activision's long-awaited new chapter in the shooter saga? We invite you, as always, to stay tuned with us at Game Division so as not to miss any news about it.

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