Windows 10: Microsoft makes updates easy

Windows 10: Microsoft makes updates easy
Microsoft released the traditional cumulative update for Windows 10 yesterday. In addition to the security patches, the package introduced an important new feature. For the first time, the Servicing Stack Update has been integrated, so its separate installation is no longer necessary.

Windows 10 updates: simplified procedure

How many times did an error message appear after have you checked for updates? In some cases the reason is due to the presence on the computer of an old Servicing Stack. This is the component of the operating system that allows the installation of updates.

On the occasion of each Patch Tuesday, Microsoft specifies on the support page that the Servicing Stack must be updated before downloading the latest cumulative update. However, the search for the correct version is not easy and takes time (especially for IT administrators).

Microsoft has therefore decided (finally, ed) to create a single package that includes the latest version of the Servicing Stack and security patches. This is only valid for deployment via Windows Update. If you download from the Microsoft Update Catalog, you still need to manually download the updated Servicing Stack. The Redmond-based company promises to merge the two packages in the future.

Source: Microsoft