Windows 10 and Project Latte: Android app coming soon

Windows 10 and Project Latte: Android app coming soon
Microsoft's work continues unabated to introduce the ability to install and run Android applications on Windows 10. An initiative currently known internally in Redmond as Project Latte which has begun to be talked about with insistence last month. The debut could take place within the second half of 2021, at least for the Insiders.

Android apps on Windows 10 by 2021: Project Latte

This is what leaked over the weekend. This was reported by a source believed to be aware of the plans who claims to have consulted internal and confidential documents. The intention is to make the apps available on the Microsoft Store in the form of MSIX packages to be installed directly on the PC with Windows 10. To this end, developers will be able to rely on a code conversion tool that will not require a complete redraw. Compatibility will be guaranteed as long as the software does not need Google Play Services. Alternatively, APIs made available by Microsoft can be used.

so… there's still a chance, then?

- Mary Jo Foley (@maryjofoley) December 7, 2020

Project Latte can be described as the heir to that Project Astoria fielded by Microsoft several years ago with a not too different objective: to bring Android applications to phones with the Windows Phone operating system. The initiative did not lead to the desired outcome and was definitively abandoned in early 2016.

Source: Windows Latest