Will Battlefield 6 take scenario destruction to new horizons?

Will Battlefield 6 take scenario destruction to new horizons?
The new Battlefield was announced by Electronic Arts during the latest shareholder conference to illustrate the financial results for the last quarter. At the moment we still don't know anything about the game except that it will arrive at the end of the year, in the meantime, however, fresh and interesting rumors arrive.

To unbalance is Tom Henderson (leaker whose reliability on the Battlefield series is well known) who seems confirm the presence of a rather advanced dynamic scenario destruction system, a sort of evolution of Levolution, a feature introduced in Battlefield 4.

In particular Henderson shares a screenshot of the Shanghai map famous for the iconic image of the skyscraper capable of disintegrating during clashes. The leaker attaches a caption to the image that reads "it started with one, it will end with many" thus suggesting the possibility of seeing more buildings destroyed in the scenarios of the new Battlefield.

Clearly this is not official information but Henderson has been one of the leading insiders of the Battlefield community for years, so what is reported should not be ignored a priori, certainly not even taken as an absolute reference.

Battlefield 6 is expected by the end of the year on PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, as well as on PC, it is not clear whether the game will also arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The reveal is set for spring, we will certainly know more in the coming months.