Vertical mouse: alternative design at a super price

Vertical mouse: alternative design at a super price
The approach with a vertical mouse is always full of curiosity, as it subverts what is a daily habit for those who work on the desktop. The fact that the hand changes position is the heart of this curiosity, as it allows you to operate leaving the arm in a more natural and restful twist. If only a spark is enough to transform curiosity into direct proof, then here it is: with the 15% discount available only for a few hours, this Delux vertical mouse comes away at the best price in recent months, that is 25.49 euros.

Delux vertical mouse

The design is completely original, with a futuristic "sail" shape and a smooth surface that allows you to better accommodate the thumb hollow in opposition to the other fingers of the but no. Three buttons are available to control the various functions, located in the comfortable upper position of the left front (in fact it is a mouse for right-handed users).

Autonomy is guaranteed for about 2 weeks working thanks to a 1000 mAh battery, while operation is guaranteed for something like 30 million clicks thanks to the ABS materials used. Recharging is possible with a simple USB-C connector positioned in such a position as to allow the continuation of work even during the connection phases.

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