Valheim: Five employees developed a mega hit - the team is now to be increased

Valheim: Five employees developed a mega hit - the team is now to be increased


The multiplayer survival game Valheim has been causing a stir for some time. The early access phase on Steam only started this month, but shortly afterwards more than three million copies were sold. The number of players on Steam has also exploded, and it is also very popular on the Twitch streaming platform. However, behind the project is not a huge studio, but a team that consists of just five people.

This is based on an interview by PC Gamer magazine with the studio founder Henrik Törnqvist. According to him, the early access version of Valheim was actually only developed by five employees. But due to the great success and the increasing expectations that came with it, that will change very soon. The team is currently planning to expand.

"We're going to be hiring some people, definitely. We're in the process of getting this process going. Yeah, we'll have more people to handle all of this, there we have now reached our limits in what we can do. "

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How many additional employees the Iron Gate team wants to hire is not clear from the interview. What is certain is that the studio has big plans for the future of Valheim. The early access phase should run for at least one year. During this time, fans can look forward to new content, features and much more. More specific details and dates are not yet known.

Source: PC Gamer

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