Third-party cookies: brands and adv are not ready

Third-party cookies: brands and adv are not ready
The big news that will overwhelm the world of cookies and advertising within the next few months are something that, according to Adform analyzes, have not yet been metabolized. 74% of Italian brands, and 78% of international brands, in fact, have not yet adopted alternative solutions to third-party cookies.

Adform: cookies are a time bomb

“The results of the Adform survey are an alarm bell for marketers”, explains the Country Manager of Adform, Davide Corcione: “the disappearance of cookies is a time bomb. One year later, most of the Italian advertising investors still do not have a defined intervention plan: only 29% (equal to 3 out of 10 companies) are working on a first-party ID project. Marketers know that the problem is around the corner, so much so that 75% of global companies expect an impact on the business, but unfortunately it is understandable that, after a difficult year like 2020, many companies have not put the solution among their priorities. to the problem. This tells us that there is clearly still a lot to do to spread the correct information and knowledge about the first-party ID solutions ".

The problem is destined to explode when the novelty is fully metabolized by Google Chrome, the dominant browser on the market: at that point advertising must have come to terms with reality because the impact will be sudden and of great magnitude.

Research reveals that marketers believe that managing their first-party data can unlock a number of needed benefits: the concept of a closed and proprietary ecosystem - backed by data first- party, transparent costs and operational adaptability - is viewed positively by over two thirds (67%) of Italian marketers.