The heir of Google Reader coming to Chrome?

The heir of Google Reader coming to Chrome?

The closure of Google Reader almost eight years ago has left many orphans of their favorite aggregator to stay up to date on feeds and news. Someone in Mountain View seems to have considered the possibility of reintroducing something very similar to what the service once was, but this time switching from direct integration into Chrome.

The Follow button on Chrome Canary: what does it mean?

Among those who have installed the Canary release of the version for Android devices, someone has noticed the appearance of the Follow button shown when visiting sites that publish updates, such as information ones. Over the weekend, the Chrome Story portal reported the news on the recommendation of a reader, without however providing further details on the matter since it was not possible to reproduce the dynamics.

The hypothesis more accredited is the one that Google would like to work on integrating an aggregator directly into Chrome, therefore without forcing the installation of additional components and without having to rely on external platforms. There were no flags to be enabled to activate the functionality.

It is also reasonable to assume that the novelty may be made available later also in the desktop editions of the browser. As often happens in these cases, bigG conducts the test phase involving a small number of users. If the feedback collected turns out to be positive we will see the feature arrive further in the Beta version and then in the Stable version, available to everyone.

Source: Chrome Story