The Dark Mod: version 2.09 of this free jewel is available

The Dark Mod: version 2.09 of this free jewel is available

The Dark Mod

The Dark Mod: an image from the game Broken Glass Studios has published version 2.09 of The Dark Mod, a total conversion of Doom 3 that has become completely autonomous over the years, but still free, inspired by the Thief series by Looking Glass.

The Dark Mod 2.09 introduces several improvements to graphics and performance in general. Incidentally, it uses a new Backend that takes advantage of UBO, Persistent Mapping, Bindless textures and Multi-Draw. Additionally, Normal Map compression now uses RGTC and takes up less space, engages less VRAM, and has fewer artifacts. Also added a filter to increase sharpness and improved particle effects.

For those unfamiliar with it, The Dark Mod allows you to download missions made by fans, completely free (there are about a hundred, some very beautiful). There are also three missions included, which mostly serve as tutorials.

The gameplay is modeled on that of the Thiefs from The Looking Glass, which also partially copies the interface, so expect pure stealth and a merciless traits, not the dull, mongrel stuff that most games today offer.

The Dark Mod download page

To install The Dark Mod, create a folder wherever you want ( called as you like) and unzip the downloaded file in it: Then launch the executable file tdm_installer.exe and wait for the game to be installed. Once the operation is complete, click on the TheDarkModx64.exe file (located in the installation folder) and start playing, but not before downloading some maps.