Super Mario 3D World: here's where to buy it at the best price

Super Mario 3D World: here's where to buy it at the best price
Update 10 February 2021: Super Mario 3D World is only two days away, buy it now at the best price.!

As Nintendo's most passionate supporters surely know, this year marks the 35th anniversary of Super Mario , that is of what is most likely the most famous character ever born in the videogame sector. To celebrate an event of this magnitude, the well-known Japanese house has well thought of proposing a whole series of themed titles and, in addition to the very popular Super Mario 3D All Stars, which you can find here at the best price on the market, has decided to announce also Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch, complete with a series of new content that take the name of Bowser's Fury. In short, a decidedly not bad idea for Valentine's Day.

The official release of the game is now only a few days away, as it is currently scheduled for February 12, 2021: what better way to pass the wait than by booking a copy at the best price?

Unfortunately, not much is known about the full-bodied DLC, of ​​which you can see a small teaser at the end of the trailer above, except that it will focus on the revenge of the famous Bowser. One thing is certain, however: Super Mario 3D World is an incredible game, a small pearl that has remained hidden from most people due to the unfortunate Wii U, but which is finally ready to be rediscovered on Nintendo Switch in its final version. If you have not yet played it, the advice is therefore only one: do not miss this opportunity to recover an excellent title by booking it at the best price currently on the market.

eBay - Super Mario 3D World | € 52.99 Mediaworld - Super Mario 3D World | € 59.99 Amazon - Super Mario 3D World | € 59.99 Unieuro - Super Mario 3D World | € 59.99 Gamestop - Super Mario 3D World | € 60.98

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