Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: how to get rid of Bowser Furioso

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury: how to get rid of Bowser Furioso
In the Switch re-release of the acclaimed Wii U platformer, Super Mario 3D World, there is unreleased content with a new adventure for the jumping plumber. In Bowser's Fury, Mario's iconic enemy comes in a new form, Bowser Furioso, to make collecting the Solegatti more difficult.

How to get rid of Furioso Bowser?

The giant monster will often jump out of the water to annoy you, but there are a couple of strategies you can use to your advantage to limit the damage or get rid of it for some time.

Depending on your progress in the game, you can collect a Giga Campanella (you will see it when Bowser appears because it will start to glow and meow), cat-enhanced version of the original Supercampanella. When you walk up to her and touch her, Mario will transform into Giga Cat Mario and will be able to deal some blows to Bowser.

Alternatively, if the Giga Bells are not available or you simply don't feel like fighting, you can collect the Solegatti: Bowser will take some damage, be bothered by the light and go away for some time, leaving you alone. These cat-like power-ups are also very useful in breaking free from Bowser's grip; pick up some for safety, a good time to do this is while the monster jumps around trying to crush you.

Finally, you might as well ignore it if you can dodge his attacks. By putting shelter behind you or in a place that is difficult for him to reach, sooner or later Bowser will tire of trying to hit you and will go away alone, only to return to the charge at a time more favorable to him. If you've just bought the game, here's a quick guide on how to start the Bowser's Fury expansion on Switch.