Starfield, a new image of the game leaked on the internet?

Starfield, a new image of the game leaked on the internet?
Starfield may have shown himself in another image, also apparently leaked online on the internet but always placed on the border between joke and reality, it seems, so it is not easy to understand if these materials are authentic or not. br>
This is a screenshot very similar to the others leaked previously, as you can see below, showing what looks like the sort of space base seen previously from another perspective, which allows you to read more correctly the word "LAB".

Also in this case, according to what is reported, it is an image dating back to a build of 2018 and seems to be more of a sort of example or asset to be used in the game that not a real gameplay scene, provided that obviously all this has a minimum veracity.

Images similar to this have emerged in a previous leak that has emerged in several sends but obviously these are not confirmed materials from Bethesda, which continues to keep Starfield confidential after its first logo ad and nothing else.

In this case, the image is from a NeoGAF forum user reporting substantially not even being an insider and simply "spending too much time on the internet", so it is not clear how he found the material in question. In any case, as we did with the previous elements, we also report this, which seems if only to demonstrate a certain continuity with respect to the initial leak.

In short, it is not clear whether it is a joke, a fake or what else, but for the moment there is absolutely nothing else on Starfield, so we also propose this dubious image below, waiting for information that could actually arrive during the year, considering that some argue that the game can be released by 2021.

Starfield, another space base screenshot from the game? Source