Remedy Entertainment: Control developers celebrate greatest success so far

Remedy Entertainment: Control developers celebrate greatest success so far

Remedy Entertainment

The developer studio Remedy Entertainment only published its 2020 annual report almost two months after the turn of the year. The team based in Espoo, Finland, was able to show some very encouraging figures. Compared to the previous year, sales increased by almost 30 percent to 41.1 million euros - the highest value in the company's history to date. The operating profit has also risen significantly - from 6.5 to 13.2 million euros.

According to Respawn Entertainment, the mystery action game Control, which is now available on several platforms, played a major role in this . Although the original release was already 15 months ago, November 2020 was the best most successful month for the game so far - at least in terms of pure sales. Interestingly, Remedy did not launch a single new title last year and still set a record.

The team does not want to rest on these laurels, but has big plans for the future. According to its own information, there are currently at least two new games in development, for which Respawn Entertainment has already signed a partnership with Epic Games. Both previously unknown titles are based on Remedy brands, which should remain in their possession. This of course leaves a certain amount of leeway for speculation. One of these projects could be another offshoot of Alan Wake, about whom various rumors have been circulating for a long time.

Remedy Entertainment is also working on the single-player campaign for the MMO shooter CrossfireX, which to be released for the PC and consoles on an unspecified date in 2021.

Source: Remedy Entertainment