Rainbow Six Siege: the news of Year 6 and crossover with Resident Evil

Rainbow Six Siege: the news of Year 6 and crossover with Resident Evil

Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft announces Year 6 of Rainbow Six Siege with a series of innovations that will impact on many aspects of the game, from gameplay to customization, obviously passing through the arrival of new Operators.

Crimson Heist, the Season 1 of Year 6, will introduce the new attacker Flores and rework the Border map. The season will be available tomorrow on PC Test Servers. Season 2 will introduce the Nakoda Nations operator and a revamped Favelas map. Season 3 Operators will come from Croatia; during season 3, 3 more maps will be revisited. The last Operator of the year will arrive from Ireland and the reworked map will be that of the Outback.

Flores, however, is not the only Operator arriving, Ubisoft also plans to launch a Reputation System to ensure transparent behavior on the part of players and Content Creators, in addition there is talk of updates and improvements to the gameplay and weapons, as well as a better overall balance of various aspects of the game. New customization options are also on the way, and the partnership with Capcom has been announced that will kick off the Rainbow Six Siege x Resident Evil crossover with Jill Valentine's Elite skin for Zofia and a second additional skin not yet revealed.

On Everyeye.it you will find a preview of Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 with the news of the next season explained and analyzed in detail.

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