PS VR 2 on PS5: what will the controller be like for Virtual Reality? Clues from Sony patents

PS VR 2 on PS5: what will the controller be like for Virtual Reality? Clues from Sony patents

PS VR 2 on PS5

Sony executive Hideaki Nishino officially announced PS VR 2 for PS5: in illustrating the plans of the Japanese tech giant, the senior manager of planning and management of the PlayStation platform also confirmed the development of a new controller for Virtual Reality.

Referring specifically to the controller of the next gen version of PlayStation VR, Nishino underlined that this is one of the innovations that the Sony design team looks forward to with greater enthusiasm: it is the Japanese executive himself who specifies that "the VR controller will incorporate some of the key features of the DualSense wireless controller and focus on ergonomics ".

Without going into the hardware features of this device, Nishino's analogy between the virtual reality controller and the PS5 DualSense seems to follow the anticipations shared "unwittingly" by Sony designers in September of last year with the patents of the PS VR 2 controller.

According to the patents registered by the Japanese company, the pad of PlayStation VR 2 should boast a design similar to that of the Valve Index controllers. Another patent registered by Sony, this time in November 2020, reported the presence of haptic feedback on PS VR 2, also here with advances that relate to the latest statements by Nishino on the "technological proximity" between Sony's new VR pad. and the current DualSense of PS5.

As pointed out by Nishino himself, however, both PS VR 2 and the PS5 Virtual Reality controller are still in full development and their commercialization will not happen anytime soon. as a consequence many of the technologies illustrated in the patents on design and functionality could undergo modifications

PS VR 2 officially announced for PS5 with amazing new controller tech

PlayStation VR 2 PSVR 2 © Provided by T3 PlayStation VR 2 PSVR 2

With the launch of the PS5 at the e d of last year, gamers have been eagerly awaiting news on a follow up to the PS VR, as it's sure to give the console an edge over the Xbox Series X, and now Sony has finally thrown us a crumb with news on the PS VR2.

The PS VR for PS4 opened up a whole new experience for console gamers, immersing them in titles like Resident Evil 7, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and more light-hearted fare like Tetris Effect. If you're a fan, you can look forward to more virtual reality experiences on the PS5 with a brand new PS VR system.

Sony confirmed the news in its blog, saying it's developed a 'next-gen VR system that enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input.' Setting it the hardware for use has also ben streamlines, with just a 'single cord' required to connect it to the PS5.

There's even a new controller to sit alongside the new headset, which utilises some DualSense features and it ergonomically designed – although we've not had a peek at it or the new PS VR headset yet.

Sony says the PS VR 2 is packed with 'future-proof technology' so that it'll go the distance for the new generation of VR games and experiences to come, with a greater level of immersion. 

Sony says we won't see the PS VR 2 (or whatever the new iteration will be called) this year, but hasn't given us an idea of a launch window just yet. That gives you plenty of time to get hold of a PS5 if you haven't managed already, Head over to our PS5 stock tracker for news on when retailers are dropping more inventory!