PlayStation Store, new PS4 and PS5 discounts: PlayStation Indies promotions are back

PlayStation Store, new PS4 and PS5 discounts: PlayStation Indies promotions are back

PlayStation Store, new PS4 and PS5 discounts

Like every new Wednesday, it's time for new promotions for Sony users, with the launch of new discounts on the PlayStation Store. Pending the announcement of free PS Plus games in March, here are all the details.

The initiative is currently already active on the Italian PlayStation Store, complete with a page dedicated to PlayStation Indies. Obviously, the discounts will only be active for a limited period of time, which will end on March 4, 2021. Until then, there are many Indie games that can be recovered at a reduced price. Here are some examples of particularly deserving independent productions:

Gris: discounted by 60%, it is offered at 6.79 euros; Crypt of the NecroDancer: discounted by 80%, is offered at 3.19 euros; Arise A Simple Story: 40% discounted, is offered at 11.99 euros; Limbo & Inside Bundle: discounted by 75%, is offered at 6.74 euros; Hollow Knight Void Heart Edition: discounted by 60%, is offered at € 5.79; Cloudpunk: discounted by 35%, it is offered at 16.24 euros; Return of the Obra Dinn: discounted by 25%, is offered at 17.99 euros; Cuphead: discounted by 25%, is offered at € 14.99; Trine Trilogy: discounted by 75%, is offered at 7.49 euros; In closing, we remind you that Sony has set a new appointment for the evening of Thursday 25 February: the editorial team will follow the State of Play live on Everyeye's Twitch Channel.

New Critics' Choice Sale On PS5 And PS4 Offers Steep Discounts On Excellent Games

The PS5 is nearly three months out from launch, and with 2021 in full swing, the PlayStation Store is starting to ramp up its digital deals and offers. The Critics' Choice Sale is the latest promotion on the PlayStation Store, adding over 100 more deals on games, bundles, and DLC, and there are some great options available. This is a nice opportunity for PS5 owners to snag deals on both current-gen and last-gen games to play on their new console, but of course, there's plenty here for PS4 owners as well. The Critics' Choice Sale runs until February 18, so be sure to check it out and grab anything on your wishlist before then.

The sale includes several cross-gen games that launched on PS4 and come with free PS5 upgrades, such as Ubisoft's Breath of the Wild-inspired adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising, which is down to $36. You can also nab Watch Dogs Legion and Assassin's Creed Valhalla for $30 and $40, respectively. Meanwhile, Destiny 2's latest major expansion, Beyond Light, is on sale for $26.79, while Mortal Kombat 11's Ultimate Edition is discounted to $36.

One hidden gem in this sale: Annapurna Interactive's The Pathless, which launched alongside the PS5 last November. Though it's also available on PS4, the open-world action-adventure game looks stunning on PS5 and makes full use of the DualSense controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. The Pathless is down to $32 (from $40) in this sale, the first discount we can recall seeing on its digital edition.

Best Critics' Choice Sale Game Deals

Some of the best game of the past console generation are also seeing major markdowns this week, including our 2019 Game of the Year, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The latest game from Dark Souls developer From Software has dropped to $39 this week, and you'll get its Game of the Year Edition with bonus DLC. Resident Evil 7 is down to 10 bucks and is an excellent pick-up for those who missed it and want to play Resident Evil Village. You can also snag Red Dead Redemption II for $30, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 for $30, and both Doom Eternal and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for just under $20 each.

Best PS Plus deal

You can snag a 12-month PS Plus code for $30.50 via Ebay.

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There's more than what we've mentioned here, so you can check out the full Critics' Choice Sale on the PlayStation Store below. There are other sales happening right now on PS5 and PS4 as well. For those on a tight budget, the Games Under $20 sale is still running until this Thursday, February 4, while the Remasters and Retros sale is available until February 11, offering steep discounts on games like Devil May Cry HD Collection and Gravity Rush Remastered.