Paradise Lost, between Nazis and Atomic: the details on the dystopia PC, PS5, Xbox Series X

Paradise Lost, between Nazis and Atomic: the details on the dystopia PC, PS5, Xbox Series X
Presented in the spring of last year, the next-gen dystopian adventure of Paradise Lost has remained off the radar for some time, but is now back on the gaming scene.

The PolyAmorous development team has in fact published a new dedicated video, in which the background related to the game world is presented, set in an alternative timeline in which the Second World War never ended. Available directly at the opening of this news, the film outlines an interesting picture, which sees the first steps of the conflict coincide with those of real history. After the invasion of Poland in 1939, Hitler led the armies of the Third Reich to new destinations, occupying France the following year. Later, the story of Paradise Lost develops towards alternative lines, in a world where the Nazi armies, after occupying an area of ​​central Africa rich in uranium, managed to develop atomic weapons.

On May 1, 1943, Hitler brought the war to the Soviet Union with over 4 million soldiers: the conflict ran aground without either side being able to dominate. In the world of Paradise Lost, the US was not involved in World War II until 1955. In May 1960, the Allied forces launched an offensive in Normandy, while the USSR relaunched its offensive on the German lines. Crushed on several fronts, the Nazi regime secured the hierarchs and citizens deemed useful to the cause inside bunkers, after which it launched a massive nuclear attack in the heart of Europe.

Prior to launch, however, a Polish resistance group had managed to raid one of the bunkers: the same one that in an alternate 1980s, the player will explore in Paradise Lost. The title will arrive on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the course of 2021: pending a release date, the development team has released a cinematic trailer for Paradise Lost.

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